Hahakee Stylus REVIEW: Apple Pencil alternative for non-iPad Pros?

Doesn’t require Bluetooth and is surprisingly accurate! Detailed review and demo in PDF Expert, GoodNotes and Sketch on iPad Air 2, iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Links to Amazon:
– Amazon UK:
– Amazon Deutschland / Belgium:
– Amazon España:

Hahakee Stylus: an Apple Pencil alternative? Accurate stylus without Bluetooth connection!
Video by Steven Sabbe (www.fjordstrom.com)


  1. you can check the video on my channel, I've made a detailed video with all the popular apps and I'm not spamming, just merely helping!

  2. Hi, have you seen the ZSpeed stylus on Amazon? It's similar to your stylus like its non bluetooth and has a battery in it and I wanna ask that , if your hand or palm touch the screen while writing does the pen stop writing then? P.S – Does your stylus has a copper tip?

  3. Hello! Would you know if this also works with the Notability app? Hoping for a response! Thank you!

  4. Hello, I have an ipad mini 1 and I want to take my notes from the university with the Goodnotes app. Which Stylus do you recommend and that stylus has palm rejection? I saw your Hahakee video and I liked the 40 hours without recharging batteries. I wonder how do you have the function of reject palm without bluetooth? I want to write my appuntes, and not have problems when writing in the classroom. thanks for everything

  5. i want to buy a ipad 2018 but i dont want to pay for apple pencil so expensive which one should i buy

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