Hands on with iPhone XS/XS Max New Depth Control Feature!

Apple’s iPhone XS, XS Max, and upcoming XR come equipped with a new Depth Control feature enabled through camera upgrades that include a new image signal processor, an improved sensor, and the A12 Bionic chip with next-generation Neural Engine.

Depth Control, which we’ve featured in the video below, lets you adjust the amount of blurring in the background of your Portrait Mode images, giving you more control over how your images come out.



  1. I believe this came right from a Camera Tweak. Bloody amazing how Apple does it. All the new enhancements that are implemented with new iOS updates comes from one community. Every single enhancements. You can take guess to which one that is! Cool reviews, though.

  2. Hey Apple, remember you called the iPhone X last year "The Future of the smartphone"? well give the iPhone X this software update feature as well then.

  3. Is it me or it lets you take a portrait photo up close without that annoying "Move further away" notice. I usually get that when trying to capture small stuff like a coffee mug.

  4. I don't like that Apple doesn't show you the correct equivalent f-numbers. The iPhone Xs likely shows the correct equivalent f-numbers (as f/16 still contains a bit of simulated blur), but the XR won't have the correct numbers. Simple reason: The XR uses the main camera for portrait mode and the main camera is physically equivalent to f/11, so f/16 isn't possible, but Apple will call it f/16.

  5. Note that f/16 still contains simulated blur. When you don't want simulated blur, you need to choose the original photo without blur. That's equivalent to ≈ f/20

  6. Didn't the Note 8 from last year come out with this?? Even my old HTC One M8 from 2014 lets you adjust the blur after the portrait(also can we mention that HTC had a phone with "portrait mode" back in 2013?) although it wasn't as refined. The only difference I see between this and what Samsung is doing is that the Iphone will let you adjust in in real time. I doubt that you're actually changing the f stop though, especially after the fact. It's all just software based. I heard somewhere as well, that the Iphone is not even using the second camera for portraits, it's just using software. Kinda like the Pixel but not as good(of course I don't think anyone can beat Google's camera software). Feedback is welcome.

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