The iPhone took center stage on Wednesday at Apple’s annual product launch in California. The tech giant launched three new phones: the XS, the XS Max and the XR. TODAY’s Carson Daly is in the Orange Room with a rundown on each model.
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  1. I’m just gonna stick with my iPhone 8 Plus you guys are just wasting your money 😌

  2. But can it do a desktop mode like Dex, use a Vr headset and do wireless payment option like samsung pay? Is it capable of home screen widgets and can it do ultra slow motion videos? Can it read your eyeballs with a retinal scan? Can you make any app your default app when opening links from third party apps or does it always go to the ones Apple want it to?
    Does it use Super OLED for darker blacks and just better overall lifelike images?
    Does the phone have Expandable Storage so I can add up to 512 gb to my phone? Can I costomize my apps to look any way I want to on my home screen? If so I'm buying!!!

  3. I want the iPhone X R. Great price with a lot of the same features as the iPhone X

  4. I really think that apple disables comments on all of their videos because of all the hate they would get. None of these phones have any new or good features that justify their ridiculously stupid price.

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