Hindi | Redmi 4 vs Lenovo K6 Power Speed Test Comparison – Shocking!
Redmi 4 Unboxing :
Redmi 4 vs Redmi 3s Prime Speedtest :

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  1. I am a subscriber of your channel please make video of battery test no body make battery video

  2. hello,I m looking for a new smartphone.So,should I purchase Lenovo Vibe k5 plus or lenovo k6 power ?
    as there is much difference of money I.e 2500/-rs.Both are having some plus points and drawbacks too.Since k6 power will get update of Nought,it has VoLte support,good amount of battery,while Vibe k5 plus has snapdragon 616 with clock speed 1.5 GHz,dedicated SD card slot,etc…
    So,I got very much confused.pls help me to take decision.

  3. patna k rehne wale ho kya?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ accent patna wala hi lg rha

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