How Much Time To Charge Redmi Note 3 From 0-100% (Using Quick Charge 3 0 & In Box Charger)

How Much Time Will It Take To Charge Redmi Note 3 From 0-100(Using Quick Charge 3.0 & In Box Charger)

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  1. mera channel ko suscribe karo free phone giveway teching us fro game and new thing

  2. my phone also get the fast charge just by flash custom rom…nitrogen os 7.1.2…dont need radon kernel

  3. Guys, to get QC 3.0 on this, you just need to install Radon Kernel.

  4. You fool this is not quick charge xiomi has disabled the quick charge feature

  5. bro i forgot and kept mobile charging overnight will any problem occurs please let me know

  6. isnt there a qc charger adapter meant for devices with qc 3.0?

  7. Contrary to your video, I must tell you that the Snapdragon 650 has QC 2.0 capabilities. Only problem is that you will need to use another Kernel to take advantage of the faster charges rates.

  8. for me mi note 3 phones r great. i alredy hve 3 mi note 3 phones 3gb ram editions. nd it work perfect nd good performance

  9. Brother sourabh,
    This document from qualcomm
    clearly mentions mi max in the list of certified devices list.

    The results that you tested are really strange and should have been 2x faster
    There is something wrong somewhere and needs a big fix.
    I was planning to buy "QuantumZERO QZ-WC15" which has QC 3.0 for my mi max
    but seems it would be of not much diff.
    I have seen other youtubers testing with other brand QC 3.0 Chargers and results were same

    Should we take this up with Xiaomi?

  10. my phone would charge up to 60 percent in an hour or it would be very close to that anyway

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