How The New Apple Watch Might Harm Us | Incident Report 184

Overdiagnosis and overtreatment do more than cost $$$… they harm patients while overtaxing the system. How might the new Apple Watch impact this?

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  1. I just find it interesting to see what my heart rate is with my Samsung GearFit 2; I don't take it as indicative of problems. I have anxiety issues to begin with so I'm used to higher readings than are "normal" for a resting heart rate.

  2. If you have intermittent a-fib and are a-symptomatic would you even be prompted to take an ekg? I know it can alert you if it suspects you are, but anecdotally I have known young people who go into a-fib with RVR because of a combo of phentermine and energy drinks (usually fellow nurses). The ability for them to have known their rhythm at the time would have been helpful. Although knowing them, they probably wouldn’t even take their radial pulse because they’re tough and all that

  3. Zdogg this is random.

    But I thought of another parody you can do.

    Little John shots

    Vfib shocks.

    That would be dope.

  4. I've read that similar thoughts were expressed by MD's regarding the stethoscope. Open your mind and see the "what if". Always growing pains.

  5. Agreed. Think about how many times the monitor reads an SpO2 of 79% because the sensor is halfway off the patient's finger. Or when it interprets afib because the pt is talking and moving. Or when it reads vtach because the pt is moving his arm up and down trying to change the channel on the television.

  6. if you can prevent a few people with stroke it may be worth it.

  7. how do you do that CME stuff, im a nurse, in school for NP, so no need for me to take them but after, no link in description zdogg. stop slacking im trying to pay up

  8. The average person doesn't know how to deal with an asymptomatic incidentaloma. More info is not always good.

  9. I think you misjudging this watch. Apple stated that they have tested this with multiple people over period of several years. The fact that you are misleading people, it frustrating. The fact that the watch hasn’t been released and delivered to people, you always speaking about how is not going to work. Being positive and understandable about new technology is the best we can do. Apple Watch is new technology that will open the doors to other technologies.

  10. Meanwhile, oxygen monitors on Fitbits and upcoming Garmin devices may help catch sleep apnea before atrial fibrillation ever develops. Ofc, this also will lead to problems in sorting out the meaning of wearables' pulse ox data, just like wondering about the meaning of this ekg information.

  11. I don’t know Zdogg MD, we might have to go through the growing pains but we can iron out the kinks.

  12. With my family history of heart problems and being a truck driver would it be beneficial to have the Apple Watch???

  13. Great job on your anterior wall M.I.!! Now share your achievement with your friends! <SoMe icons>

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