How to Add Clock Widget in OPPO

How to Add Google Search Bar to Home Screen in OPPO/How to Add Time Widget/Google Search Bar to Home Screen in OPPO: If you are trying to add or view clock widget on your OPPO A37 device, you may pinch the screen then you will see widgets and effects at the bottom. Now tap on “Widgets”. Here you are able to add Clock, Google Drive, Chrome Bookmarks and Google Search Box. To change effects, go back and tap effects option. Here mark any of flip slide.


  1. Saw your video. Sorry I did as advised. Got notification of widgets but on tapping, got some apps but no widgets

  2. Thank All To Allah The Worthy Of Worship.. thank man BECAUSE THIS VIDEO ALLAH give me the knowledge to out from my problem with this my handset. from MUSLIM WORLD PEOPLE A ROUND THE WORLD WATCHING THIS.🇲🇾🇸🇦🇹🇷

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