How to correctly wear apple earbuds

Pretty cool huh? #NotSponsered


  1. My ear buds hurt one of my ear but not the other idk why they are the ones he has

  2. Holy shit thanks man. Also loved the “how do I know this? I don’t.” Intro 😂cracked me up

  3. Just put the L EarPods in ur right ear upside down and the R EarPod upside down in then left ear ;D

  4. Wow this kid wanted to get sponsored by apple and couldnt even write the word sponsored right. Omega lul

  5. This video helped me. My ears would hurt wearing these style earphones. But I've been wearing them wrong. 😮

  6. me: my earbuds are too loud!
    this kid: too quiet

  7. If u don't know what ur doing don't make the video and ur putting them in wrong it sounds the same both sides

  8. There designed like this for your ears health I'm not gunning to tell you you can just watch another video about that but please stop wearing them like that

  9. Good lookin lil nigga💯☇now i can go back ta listin ta juice wrld album😈

  10. Your actually wrong friend you need to wear them upside down to get the best sound with the cord facing up not sideways

  11. Hey man thnx a lot…it worked…Damn it was soo irritating to get the Perfect sounfld outa it👍👍

  12. Close, but … but it actually fits in your ear better if you swap to the other ear, with the big opening toward the back of your head.  I have to agree that anyone who designs an ear bud does not insert in the obvious was has missed the point – but they do work better that way.

  13. I think your kinda wrong Apple aren’t stupid enough to design something that when it fits in your ear well it doesn’t sound good or as loud

  14. I might try this way to see if it sounds better, but my mum said you can wrap the cable partly around your ear and put them in upside down and it works really well so long as you make the top part of the cables tight.

    This is probably right as all the iPhone adverts have people wearing them this way.

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