How to Create Apple ID

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  1. You can use gmail for your Apple ID that’s what I did but you’ll have to confirm it by checking your gmail click on your gmail confirm it set a password remember it and you should be fine and be able to use and download apps from the App Store oh and when you 1st use iTunes 3 months is free! But you will need to put credit or debit card number in though… and no you will not get charged 3 months 1st time iTunes user is free!

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  5. Can someone Plz help. So I went to to App Store and tried getting app and it says that I can either set up a new account or sign in. But I forgot my account so I have to make a new one. But when Apple send me the email i type in the code and it says that I have to try another time or something like that. Also my phone doesn't have a iCloud in settings

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