How to Insert SIM Card and Mount MicroSD Card in Vivo V5

How to Insert SIM Card and Mount MicroSD Card in Vivo V5


  1. Sir plz help me….. Memory card insert Karne ke baad bhi memory card unavailable notifications aa rhi hai….. Ab Mai kya kru…

    Koi to Natalie😰😰😰

  2. I use a straightened paper clip. Push it into the hole (tight fit). The card tray will open a little. Use your fingernail to pull the card tray a little further out. Pull the card tray all the way out (using the little ears on the sides of the card tray). Never had a problem with this technique.

  3. Thank you so much I was worried because it wasn't fitting exactly right. This was very helpful.

  4. Bakit wla nman po aq makita sa file manager niya na SD kahit tma nman yung pagkakalagay ko po sa micro sd card

  5. Thank you Sir Chris Abalo ,, I just want to know if we can put 2 sim card and 1 micro sd card at the same time also? thanks again

  6. Thanks! This video was a life saver! I could NOT figure out how to insert my micro SD card. (I don't have a SIM card. I use the phone only on wifi and for photography and filming…)

  7. pilinoo pala ito ahha. amm sir pano po yun di po binabasa ng stronium 32 gb memoricard ko yung v5 ko po. may paraan pa po ba para mabasa po siya?

  8. i've been trying for hours to insert my sim..i.m just curious how do you push that thing i need to like turn it first and then push it or just push that thing inside..or maybe i have to turn off my phone first..

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