How to Replace the Charger Port on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Buy the part used in this video here – coming soon…
My Favorite Tool Kit –
Hot Plate Machine for repairs –
Heat Gun for repairs –

This is a video tutorial on how to replace the charging port on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

All models – SM-N960
N960A – AT&T
N960T – T-Mobile
N960P – Sprint
N960V – Verizon
N960U – Unlocked
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Duos with Dual SIM card slots.

I used the…


  1. In getting a note 9 but I do not have it yet… what type of charger dose it have an what phones have the same one I am looking on Amazon for some 10ft chargers before I even get it any help would be appreciated!!! Is it the same an s8?

  2. Can you download Fornite on the galaxy note 9 and login to my account to get the galaxy skin please

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