How to use Apple Pay – iOS 8.1 new feature with iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus! This tutorial will walk you through the setup process for Apple Pay on Apple’s latest iOS devices. Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 & 6 Plus via NFC and in-app, along with iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Subscribe:

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  1. do we have apple pay in South Africa?, my iphone 6s doesn't have options, can anyone who have information help,

  2. Do you need additional hardware for apple pay. someone told me you need an extra peice of hardware to use apple pay. NFC is there but i thought you need a hardware with it.

  3. Is it in certain countries i live in Cyprus and I'm looking my phone for passbook in the settings and there's nothing on mine

  4. Then again the question: why I should do all this when I simply can use my card without the phone. When you think about it it's ridiculous. It's like getting a tow truck only for driving with your car loaded on the back of the truck.

  5. You're aware you  don't need to blur out the last few digits of the numbers right? Can't do jack shit with the device account number which is the entire point of Apple Pay in the first place.

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  8. Doh!!! I could have been doing this. Fuck I remember the time I forgot my wallet with my debit card?

  9. I live in Canada and I changed my Region to USA… Will this screw anything up?

  10. 1,802 emails in your mailbox?  Get rid of them!  No need to keep that many in any mailbox.

  11. Where can I get the download for my passbook in my iPad Air 2, it has disappeared, just want to know how to put it back?

  12. Apple should make like a bump feature were you can pay a friend with an iphone by just bumping phones.

  13. Apple pay available in Canada? Same as iTunes Radio just in U.S. ? Useless..

  14. I dont know if it's region locked right now but I'm in Canada and I don't see passbook and apple pay in settings

  15. When I click on ADD CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD I do not get the screen that gives me a choice to use the card on file with iTunes.  Why??  I want to use this option but cannot figure out how.  Help!

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