How to tell if a Samsung Battery is Fake or Original

– This video shows proof that the batteries I sell are Original Samsung and shows you how to detect a fake Samsung battery.


  1. I'd like to know . Is it ok to watch videos on youtube while charging? Or is it a bad habbit? …. Im just afraid that i might be ruining my samsung's battery. I hope im not.

  2. Does removing the foil affect the battery? I want to check the battery I bought for my phone.

  3.'s hard to find honest sellers today…do you have an online store on Amazon or Ebay?

  4. Just did my third recharge of my new battery from Quality Cellular, and it's lasting just as long as an original used to. Delivered within a few days to the UK and is highly recommended!

  5. Wow thanks, I found out that the battery that I bought about 2 months ago is fake (it also didnt work after a few days)

  6. I am from the Philippines. I am here suddenly youtube after I tested my NEWLY bought Samsung J2 battery from a gadgets kiosk in a popular mall chain in the Philippines. I am so bothered how quickly it charges full and how quickly also the charge decreases. I am suspecting a bought a FAKE battery. I was not expecting this since I bought it for 1,000 Philippine pesos (about US$20) from a fancy mall! 😢😢😢

  7. Just ordered a battery for my trusty Note 3 instead of using Amazon, where the fakes are rife! Let's hope that Quality Cellular hold up with the hype!

  8. What's with batteries that expand/swell? I have replaced my swollen battery twice now on my Galaxy S3. Is it the battery, or something as a user I am doing incorrect in use?

  9. In the Philippines fake batteries are everywhere even in shopping malls. When you buy a cellphone battery ask them if they are genuine or class A. If they say class A they are fake. But do not use the word fake when asking them because they insist their batteries are original and possibly get offended. I learned it the hard way when a lady sounds upset when she replied to my question saying it's not fake it's class A. Stores selling genuine batteries struggles to compete against cheaper fake batteries which looks identical to genuine except they don't last as long.

  10. Thank you. I had bought cheap fake batteries before. This proved to be fatal for the phone, as it melted the phone and filled the room with smoke. The charge protection on original batteries is proprietary and licensing is required to reproduce it. When charging a fake battery there is no thermal protection and the battery will continue to overheat until fire or smoke breaks out. This is important for people who sleep next to their phones or those who have phones they use with windshield mounts.


  12. Samsung B150AK 1800 mAh…would you happen to have one of these? Phone model: Samsung Galaxy Folder ( SM-G150NS ). Battery Serial Number is: AA1G8215S/2-B

  13. You can tell just by the weight.. the fake ones are WAY lighter

  14. My battery looks legit according to this vid but when I put it in the phone (galaxy j7) it gets the white charging circle but instead of showing a charging % the circle stays empty and doesn't charge. Meanwhile, the original began working properly after I put it back in the phone :_

  15. I need a battery for note3 and dont find in your site, do you have this? Ships to brazil?

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