How to Turn Off Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S7


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  1. Disable Galaxy S7 Safe ModeThe first thing you can try is holding (long pressing) the power button and selecting restart from the pop-up menu.Wait for the S7 to restart and it should boot normally (i.e. Safe mode should now be disabled).If
    this method did not work for you or is not viable then you can opt to
    turn the Galaxy S7 completely off and then proceed to wait for about 10
    seconds. Turn the S7 back on. When it boots, it should boot normally.
    One More MethodHere’s another tip to try if you are unable to get out of “safe” mode on your Galaxy S7:.Go into settings, go into accessibility.Scroll down until you find the single tap command, and make sure that is switched over to the right in the “on” position. Once
    you do that, you will find that when you do the restart instructions to
    get out of safe mode, that once the phone restarts you are out of safe
    mode.In addition, any problems you may have been having
    with your volume switch up or down will be resolved also. I would
    suggest you try this before you go as far as warming the seal and taking
    the phone apart.
    If you continuously start in Safe Mode and cannot get out of it, a
    malfunctioning app may be causing the problem. You may have to uninstall
    apps until you track down the one that is causing the problem.My Galaxy S7 still starts in Safe Mode and I don’t want it to. Why is this happening?It is possible that your “Volume Down” button is stuck. Ensure your screen is properly cleaned. If you
    recently installed apps onto your phone, try uninstalling them while in
    Safe Mode as some apps can cause the phone to get stuck in this state.

  2. Just in case you guys had the same issue I had and your volume down button is stuck and it won't go out of safety mode just take it off it worked for me

  3. GUYS I FIGURE IT OUT, PRESS and hold both sides of the phone, all 3 buttons, and it should reset the phone and BOOM safe mode gone

  4. While Iwas connecting my phone to Virtual Reality goggles the phone somehow went into safe mode. My phone tells me to restart to turn off safe mode but when I restart, even using the notification, safe mode won't shut off. I'm now trying to power it down manually, so to speak. Hopefully that works because I'm getting frustrated and my child is still waiting to use the virtual reality goggles we just purchased…..nope it is still stuck in safe mode. This is truly awful!

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