How to use Apple Car Play on Chevrolet Mylink system

Apple Car Play on 2016 Chevrolet Vehicles


  1. Found out today our 2017 Chevy Equinox does not have the Android Audio App on the Chevy MyLink media screen. We are unable to use our Samsung Galaxy Note5 on this system. We also tried using the USB cord – still no connection. We tried the AUX plug in the center console and still nothing. We went to the dealer and they said all Chevy Equinox models do not have the Android Media App and does not have the IPhone Apple Play App. Now I was able to connect my iPhone 6 Plus into the USB plug and I was able to play Pandora, iHeart Radio and my music etc. Worked perfect. Then we tried the iPhone 7 Plus using the USB plug and did not work. On the iPhone 7 Plus we tried plugging in the AUX cord in and FINALLY WORKED FOR MUSIC AUDIO!!!!! Crazy! Always triple check to see if the Android App and Apple Play Apps are pre-installed into your Chevy MyLink! Otherwise you won't be able to get the full use out of your Samsung phones and iPhones! HOPEFULLY THE NEW EQUINOX 2018 HAS THESE ANDROID AND IPHONE APPS.

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