HR Tech – How to install tempered glass screen protector for Apple iPhone 5

This is a quick and easy video installation guide for the tempered glass screen protector for the iPhone 5 from HR Technology.

The one used inside the installation video was flat-edge.

There are two different models:

Flat Edge –
Round Edge –

Flat edge is a clean cut vs round edge is a tapered edge finish.


  1. After installing a tempered glass on my phone i noticed there are some dusts left on the screen. Can i remove the tempered glass and clean the side that sticks on the screen and will i be able to reinstall it afterwards?

  2. I just got one for my iPod touch 6 but the iPhone 5 screen protector works with it only got to cut the middle part out so the camera will show but other then that it fits perfectly and I got gold it looks sick

  3. it did not get all the screen and stopped, when I touch lower parts it gets it but when I pull my finger it returnes normal.I am talking about what happens at 1:18 please some one help me ?

  4. I tried a hundred times couldn't get it align straight, I straightened the top part of the phone where is the empty space and dirt got underneath the glass protector and stuck, I ended up breaking it and in the trash, paid 20$ for it.

  5. perfect way to apply a screen protector without any dust under the screen is to apply the screen protector in a moist environment such as the bathroom, after the shower has been on since the humidity and moisture picks up dust particles and carries them away so there won't be anything floating around you when you put the screen protector on

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