Epic phablet speed test showdown between Huawei Mate 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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  1. We get it you're pro samsung, wouldn't it be easier to run a benchmark test instead of this weird way of testing?

  2. All these Samsung fanboys haha… They have no idea. I'm getting Mate 10, It has better display but it some reason looks different on this video and also better camera 😉 Just wait for the new updates on the Huawei

  3. If ram is indeed allows the any gadgets to go faster, then 6gb of note 8 must be way faster than 4gb on mate 10 all the way. But 4gb seems worth the price in this comparison…

  4. I've seen tests where the Mate 10 beats the Note 8 both in performance and multitasking. Weird.

  5. Mate 10 is getting GPU Turbo Update this month which will compete to almighty Snapdragon 845. How's ur Note 8? LOL

  6. You cannot make a comparison test. Your test is horribly biased. Can't you check the settings to open up the power? If a top phone with 4GB of Ram cannot keep 10 apps in memory, you should know there's a problem..unless you know nothing about technology and are just doing lame videos….

  7. Note 8 will remain the Top device in the World until Note 9 is out. People got to understand that this isn't 2014 anymore and Samsung is killin it. Android is far surpassed I.O.S. and Samsung makes the most versatile device you can get. Huawei is nothing more than a cheap imitator

  8. This video is very inaccurate..I currently have both of these phones in my possession and I can say with a clear conscience that the Mate 10 is purposely set to low setting..out of the box it's screen is set to FHD and must be switched to QD to get the maximum results and also the vibrant setting isn't set as well.. coincidentally he showed the Mate 10 being set to full on auto but didn't show the actual resolution it is running..I have taken both phones out in broad direct sun and I can easily see the Mate 10 screen versus the Note 8 as the Note 8 screen becomes hard to see every once in awhile.. overall the Note 8 will win most battles but the Mate 10 is no slouch..better battery life and I don't need a battery case like I do for the Note 8, it also has an IR blaster, built in screen recorder and screenshot, and translator..as far as download speed both of these phones are a beast but I would give a slight edge to the Mate 10..I deleted and redownloaded Marvel Contest of Champions which is almost 600 mb to download on both phones using my cellular network in the same area..the Mate 10 downloaded the game a few minutes faster than the Note 8..that being said..both phones are very good and this video does nothing to actually show you how the M10 really runs

  9. Why not compare note 8 to mate 10 pro that has 6gb ram as well? This is not a fair speed test comparison.

  10. Bro may u do the speed test about mate 10 again I’m still not trust with it ram🙁

  11. Nooo .. the mate 10 pro its was not get the last update and its was on this old vedio on the test sofware .. so now the mate 10 pro is the beast ❤👍

  12. The pro obviously has better ram management with the 6 GB of RAM. So technically the pro could be considered "faster" for ram purposes.

  13. Why put the 6GB of RAM Samsung against 4GB Huawei? The 6GB ram Huawei does exist. Also why put the Mate 10 at a lower brightness? Why not put both phones on the same brightness?

  14. Not a fair comparison, you compared a 6Gb Ram phone vs 4 Gb. Huawei Mate 10 Pro should be used instead, now that would be a fair comparison.

  15. Mate 10 needs some time to get better.(patch) In 3 Days I got it and will test it agains Op5 and Axon 7!

  16. After seeing the quality difference of the displays, I dont think there is a need for speed test.Note 8 is the one.

    (Closing this gap with slight speed difference is impossible imo)

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