Huawei Mate 8 VS Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Speed & Camera Test!

Apps, browsing multitasking and Camera comparison between New Mate 8 and iPhone 6S+!
The mate 8 is cheaper than the iPhone 6S+ on Amazon US –


  1. I dont know why people just compare phones by the App Opening speed.
    When the Huawei opened the apps faster, you said the iPhone did. Same for the Game, they were equal , but you didn't press that thing and just waited. tf
    Also, the Huawei had low battery and the iPhone had almost full. Not fair.
    The real comparation would be playing a good-graphics game, not opening apps, especially when one of the phones has low battery

  2. Huawei Mate 8 costs half of an iPhone 6S Plus … so Huawei Mate 8 is a clear winner … the reviewer holds some sort of biases if you ask me … a few times when HM8 was faster, he just said not much difference, but in contrast, when iPhone was "faster", he claimed it with certainty.

  3. in wich version of emui u record on mate 8??? the v120 got software issues on camera zoom ,blurry pics etc but on recent version i read that got better … well done HUAWEI i hope my mate 8 get better pics with the updates s.o-.-

  4. i am a huawei fan and i think that huawei company should have made the mate 8 more sexy

  5. Considering the massive price difference between the two, id say Apple has a problem. If they want to keep the edge they need to do something drastic to make their platform and phones more appealing.

  6. Speed between them both were good iphone was slightly faster when it came down to loading games but the huawei mate still has a good processor but I prefer the huawei because of the software , resolution , better battery life extendable memory cheaper

  7. iphone 6s is the best
    * 4k
    * live photo
    * can be taken photo 360 without any program
    *3d touch
    *iphone open any apllication faster than any other phones
    * photo iphone in video is best
    Mate 8 then iphone mean photo mate display first then iphone

  8. Objectively speaking, the Mate 8 has an octacore and is just a little bit faster maybe even slower than the iphone 6s. That says something about the software/hardware integration in Mate 8.

  9. MY only concern is that the android device systems seem to slow down over time wheras the Iphone devices are more consistent

  10. es que usted no puede comparar un iphone los mejores dipositivos del mundo que despues le sigue el samsung que es el segundo y el tercero viene siendo huawei primero con tercero no se puede

  11. 6 inch phone same length with 5.5 apple . I don't know when apple are going to learn to maximise phone size ! the reason while the leave long chin on phones is beyond me!!

  12. I have a problem with my HTC x9 …when I send the photo from camera to my mobile it becomes so bad… I don't knew where is the problem ….

  13. Really u stupid phone speed nothing to do with chip because Android phone you can make fast or slow it up to u

  14. iphone lacks few pictures in some websites,when web sites are the same mate is faster

  15. Wtf?! browser is faster in iphone? are you high or somethin? You have to lick apple's butthole all the time…

  16. بس من عيوب mate 8 انو ما بصور 4k ومافي خاصية الشحن السريع

  17. maybe your Huawei has a little bit problem because to beat huawei mate 8 is not easy !😕😕

  18. Mate 8 > 1080p@60fps, 1080p@30fps, iphone 6s >2160p@30fps, 1080p@60fps,1080p@120fps , Compare apple to apple, Mate 8 not capable of doing 4K recording.

  19. please look at mate 8 battery level…. Huawei performs in general slower on less than 50% battery

  20. please look at mate 8 battery level…. Huawei performs in general slower on less than 50% battery

  21. Huawei is a fast goring company, and as a communication Engineer in a Mobile networks company I see Huawie's performance from engineering prospective is much better than those old experienced companies like NSN and Motorola. I am owning now Huawie Mate 8 after a 7 years as an iPhone user. I am surprised with the performance which is flawless, the battery life which is gigantic, the screen resolution is not the highest in the market but surprisingly can satisfy your needs adding that this full HD limitation which gives the phone this enormous battery life.
    the OS (EMUI) is so similar to the "IOS" with all android feature, it is like a mix of "IOS" performance and stability and "android" customization and features.

    Finally Huawei is one of the best competing phones in the market

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