Huawei P30 Lite VS Xiaomi Redmi 7 Camera Comparison

The ultimate camera comparison between the Huawei P30 Lite and the Xiami Redmi 7.
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In this video I put to the test one of the most affordable smartphones available on the market, the Xiaomi Redmi 7 versus one of the most affordable phones from Huawei, the P30 Lite.
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  1. Salut. Dupa review-urile tale despre Huawei P30 lite, am ramas impresionat de calitatea fotografiilor, mai ales in modul portrait. Fiind footgraf profesionist de ani de zile, am un mod diferit de a interpreta fotografiile si chiar nu imi place ca in ultimul timp telefoane gen Huawei P30 pro forteaza mult gama dinamica, ducand la tonuri de negru neplacute. Un prieten de-al meu are P20 si e fantastic in modul portrait, avand culori f moi si placute. Am vrut sa iau p20, dar mi-ar fi de mare folos modul ultra wide de pe p30 lite. Ce parere ai, camera principala de la huawei p30 lite se ridica la nivelul camerei de pe huawei p20 (simplu)?

  2. True.. Xiaomi has a better pixel camera I think.. Long time ago I had Redmi 4A.. The picture quality is awesome compare to my Honor 8X is like watercolor when I zoom in..

  3. Can tell me which version of P30 lite it is because one has a 48mp camera while the other has a 20 or 24mp one.

  4. For the price, The Redmi 7 is much better in comparison, The edge detection is visibly sharper. The P30 Lite is an attractive phone, but what it has to offer it's not worth it. It costs almost $500- bucks in Canada and for that price we can even get the Redmi-7 Pro here or the Glaxy A50, Not to mention the weak GPU in the Kirin-710 chip Huawei uses in the P30 lite. Thanks for the comparo

  5. duuud stop jumping forward to the camera like that in the intro, u try too hard 🙂

  6. First time i see one of your videos. Your accent is similar to a romanian language speaker.

  7. Not a very fair comparison , P30 is more expensive !  However , redmi 7 was great !

    Please make a comparison video between redmi 7 and redmi 6 or redmi 7
    and redmi S2.
    And I really want to see how google camera performs  on redmi . Does it add image stabilization to
    videos? If it does it could be the best low budge cell phone.

  8. Redmi 7 wins, the P30 lite only get a more blury background pretending to be out of focus only.

  9. P30 lite gets my vote but Redmi 7 not far behind, Bang for your buck Redmi 7.

  10. You should be comparing with redmi note 7 pro considering the price. Redmi 7 still doing good despite the low price tag

  11. $100 for like this? r u kidding xiaomi?? u must markup the prize to $150 for 3gb version

  12. Nu se justifică diferența de preț absolut deloc. În pozele de zi, în unele câștigă P30 Lite, în altele Redmi 7, totodată am văzut câteva poze pe Redmi 7 care aveau claritate mai bună și detalii mai multe. În pozele de noapte câștigă P30 Lite, dar diferența e foarte, foarte mică, în una din poze câștigă Redmi. Iar la înregistrarea video 1080p, ai dreptate stabilizarea e mult mai bună pe Huawei, dar uită-te ce diferență mare de detalii în aleea din primul clip video și apoi din al 2-lea pe pavaj, Redmi câștigă clar la detalii și claritate în modul video.

  13. With images, the P30 wins, in videos the P30 wins, but…the audio on the Redmi is louder is crisper than the P30. The Redmi wins on price for certain! Keep up the great stuff!

  14. Can you do a comparison of this phone with the moto G6?

    Great video as always!!!

  15. I am pleasantly surprised by the camera performance of the Redmi 7. Considering the price difference, I prefer the Redmi 7. Thanks!

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