I Tested Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard Replacement Program (they lied to me)

In this video we’ll be putting Apple’s Butterfly Keyboard Replacement to the test to determine if it actually solves the problem! After a few days of letting crumbs and dust build up, and intentionally not cleaning the keys like I normally do I had numerous keys that were completely stuck, especially the spacebar, which became unusable. The Apple Genius lied to me. He gave me false, misleading information about this program and what it does to solve the problem, which is nothing.



  1. Imsuperhappywithmy$3500macbookproitssuchagreatmachineimeanwhoneedsaspacebarspacebarsaresooverrated.imeanafterhavingaworkingkeyboardfor9monthsimjustsoTIREDofalwayspressingspacebar.lifeissomuchbetternow.thanksapple

  2. That keyboard looks disgusting, do you eat on your laptop or something? no wonder your keys are sticking.

  3. my macbook pro is being repaired right now for a broken shift key, x key, and space bar. hopefully it works

  4. If the space bar breaks the whole keyboard has to go, it is nearly impossible to remove the space bar with breaking the butterfly mechanism.

  5. Nowaday the Apple has no ethics at all.
    I just had struggle on the iphone6s battery defect program and they told me the programm only applied on iphone6s purchased within 3 years. They have no reason to put this condition unless they dun give a shit on their design fault and i spend 1 hour to argue this point.
    And this isn‘t my first time having this kind of bad expereince @ genius bar. When they say they are enviormentally friendly while they are not offering repair in a fair terms without paying same price of getting a new one.

  6. every apple user is disappointed with something apple did to them but … they still support the brand over and over :))))))

  7. Ihad my Macbook keyboard replaced 1 year agoand had to pay $600 for the replacement keyboard which unfortunately is starting to have issue again, starting with the specebar. As youcan clearlysee here in my typos. Apple sucks!

  8. If you like keyboards, buy a ThinkPad, your fingertips will thank you. (New or used ThinkPads).

  9. Just wondering has the Keyboard failed again? As I am looking at the new MBP 2018 model….But after seeing all the hassle, might just try to run everything with the new Ipad Pro ? Any thiughts?

  10. so have you guys done the same repair as me where i took the pre-butterfly keyboard and put it in a new macbook. Like srsly its so much better, i cant even stand those flat fucking slabs on the new macbooks.

  11. Is this the one that you bought on EBay for $600? Watched your past videos. The Genius Bar is great for getting Applecare service. But you can’t take their word as gospel they do not have access to important company information.

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