#ICYMI 87: Asus Zenfone 6, Mi 9 SE moon mode, Vivo Y17 & more!

CORRECTION: The Vivo Y17 comes with a 13MP main camera and not a 12MP camera as mentioned in the video.

Today’s episode of ICYMI is brought to you by the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Did Asus just unveiled the best flagship smartphone yet? Not only the device gets the top of a line Snapdragon 855 processor, this device also gets a large battery capacity and it retains one of everyone’s favourite port.

Vivo has also introduced a new smartphone that comes with a triple camera setup and a 5,000mAh…


  1. its getting closer. icymi #100. can we get the 100 galaxy s10+ giveaway?

  2. Asus seem to be hoping to get market share back in the flagship space.
    Since everyone I know who has the money for a flagship always go for Samsung, OnePlus, iPhone, Xiaomi and Pixel.


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