I’m Impressed! Apple iPhone XR After 24 Hours + GIVE BACK Update!

Here are my impressions of the iPhone XR after using it for 24 hours.
Plus an update on the GIVE BACK promo!


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  1. Nice! I'm an Android user, planning on buying an
    iPhone XR, I'm be watching all your videos on the XR.

  2. #Zacpack. Zak it’s very cool that your donating a phone to Paul. It really says a lot about you as a person. Keep creating the great content you do and Thanks again

  3. I am working on a game and what would you want to see on a top-down shooter ?

  4. how do you have so much phones and tech with just 3k subscribers?

  5. I cant stop saying I love your videos they are the best win or lose I will always be watching 🙂 the Blue is very nice, I was at the apple store last night and checked out the Red XR my daughter felt it and she said that's her dream phone lol my daughter is #1 to me 🙂

  6. If you are going iPhone for a year, you should seriously consider getting an Apple Watch.

    You won’t regret it!

  7. I really need this phone I have a iphone 5 and need a upgrade it's slow laggy and I can't download anything and my parents said I have to get a job for a new phone and I can't so please help put I really need it this is my dream phone please I love your channel and I'll take any color preferably red but please choose my I REALLY NEED IT I'll be so happy if you choose me if not I'll be so sad I've never won a giveaway

  8. Hey man, just checking in. Lovely thing to do for Paul 👊🏻

    Bet you are having fun with all that Apple lovelyness hahaha.

    Loving the b-roll props too 👏🏻

  9. Good to hear about your impressions. And really nice to see you appreciating someone's hard work there. And as usual great video. Thanks!

  10. It’s an amazing phone! Literally people just look at the bad things about it not the best things about it! I love your channel and uploads

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