iMac Pro vs 5K iMac: Worth the Price?

We put two of Apple’s priciest desktop computers, the base iMac Pro and the top of the line 5K iMac, against each other. Which one is the better buy?

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  1. Good video but I think most people edit 4K h.264 videos which apparently runs smoother in the timeline with the regular iMac due to its integrated graphics on the cpu. Can anyone confirm this?

  2. lol, I bought two iMac Pro, and 3 iMac 5k, I lost 2 iMac and broke one iMac Pro

  3. I'm on my system about 16 hours a day (I know, I need to get a life . ;-)). I do very LARGE file (text with a bit of graphics, tables/figures, etc..) work..doctoral dissertations, etc.. I like the price of the iMac but am wondering if I should look to the future and go with the iMac seems much more future ready but perhaps not appropriate for my needs as the only reviews I really see on this is for graphic designers. Thoughts on this?
    Thanks much!

  4. Can the $3000 iMac edit/play/scrub 4k video in Adobe Premiere without dropping frames?

  5. Hey guys, keep in mind even if you're shooting a project in 8K or you're shooting on Film which is 12k but scanned down to UHD 4K, we still don't have 8K monitors or TV's that can handle that many pixels just yet. Please don't waste your money on the iMac Pro unless you're literally editing projects weekly for clients or your own personal projects. Personally I don't think it's worth the 2 thousand dollar jump.

  6. What if you can't afford to buy into the Adobe Creative Cloud and have to use CS 6 applications? I had to return 2 brand new MacBook Pros for that very reason. No one ever seems to know the truth (even in Apple stores!) that you are forced to buy into the Creative Cloud to be able to use iMacs that use retina displays. What if I just want to upgrade my late 2012 iMac with a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor to a 3Tb SSD drive? How would I go about doing that? ¶ I thank you in advance for responses.

  7. Funny, the new Gigabyte Aero can edit and play back 8k better than this so called imac "pro". And its a laptop. Its also $2200. Why would I buy this again?

  8. Who wants a comparison between a base and a fully packed model? Nice video, but for me it doesn't get the point.

  9. I think there is a lot of over exaggeration in this video. The 5K iMac is barely audible 98% of the time and definitely doesn’t sound like a plane about to take off when the fans are going.

    The iMac Pro is not worth the extra $2000+ over the 5K iMac for most people. The iMac Pro is designed for a very specific subset of users.

  10. Is it better to drop an extra $800 for 10-core 32 GB RAM or extra $800 for 8-core 64 GB RAM? I do a decent amount of video editing. Thanks!

  11. I hate how the 5K iMacs all have to be upgraded to i7. The 8GB gpu iMac should start with i7, but hey I guess that's just apple

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