Improve Redmi 4/4X camera quality – camera mod.

Unlock bootloader :

Install twrp :

Download links

Mod installer :


Uninstaller :




  1. Doesn't ** work for me, now my camera only has these options "Manual" (no new settings), "Panorama", "Timer" and "Audio"

  2. Hey, I'm new to Android. Is bootloader something like a jailbreak on IOS?

  3. Bro! Does It Work On Custom Roms! BTW Y Are U Not Uploading Any Videos …

  4. This phone cannot use Camera2 API, Redmi Note 3 Pro is compatible.
    So when you flash it you can get stable 30 FPS video recording even in low light condition.

  5. Hello mate. Where I could find the file to improve my cam?I've load it with tons other cam apps in order to improve it and it's getting slow…
    Which cam do u use in the Redmi note 4x?
    S.O.S My flash light is yellow that means that I get yellowish pictures! plz Help!
    Cheers xx

  6. hei bro. i tested this mod. it's amazing mod for my redmi 4x. unfortunately the slo-mo didn't work. it just recording but couldn't save the video into gallery

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