Infinix Note 4 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 4: Comparison overview [Hindi – हिन्दी]

Indian smartphone market is already crowded and to increase the competition, Hong Kong-based Infinix recently debuted with two devices, the Hot 4 Pro and Note 4. The Infinix Note 4 is priced at Rs 8,999, and it costs just Rs 1,000 less than one of the most popular phones of 2017, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. So we decided to put both the phones together and see which one could be the right choice for the consumers. Let’s take a look in the video.

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  1. Infinix not 4 always better then Redmi not 4 ……. Bhai thodi or knowledge kar ke review karo …..

  2. Guys don't pay attention to this paid crap. Use own research and ask actual users. I own both devices and used both for 5 months plus. I I can honestly say infinix is 1000 times better than redmi note 4/5 in every aspect. Bonus infinix runs on Android oreo 8.1.

  3. yar sidha bol na bhai tu xiomi vs infinix me comparison nhi blki ye btaya hai xiomi kharido

  4. Redmi note 4 back camera and front camera is so poor comparison infinix note 4..

    Infinix note 4 too good..
    I love infinix note 4

  5. Infinix Note 4 camera quality is awesome ….👍 but Redmi Note 4 camera quality is not good 👎

  6. Infinix note 4's actual price is 8,999 not 8,499 and the RAM management is also superior in Infinix Note 4. 😒

  7. Bhai but infinix note 4 is better and u r doing parshality only telling good things and feature of xiomi redmi note 4 and only telling bad things and features of infinix note 4 bhai this is wrong pls dont do that thank you for your excellent review bye bye

  8. Plus point of infinix note 4
    It has fast charge support
    FHD sharp display
    Front flash
    dedicated expandable memory card slot
    Almost all sensors given at the price of 9000. Even moto e4 plus don't have…

    Plus point of redmi note 4
    IR blaster
    Higher processer

    Redmi note 4 32GB is 2000 Rs. Higher and redmi 4 32GB is 1000 Rs. Higher than infinix note 4. So compare with redmi 4 not with redmi note 4.

  9. XiaoMi Redmi Note 4 has 2.5 curved display too …… noy mentioned.

    Now its running on MIUI 9 (Android Nogut 7.0)

    It has Infrared Sensor also

  10. Xiomi has hybrid slot, infinix superb non hybrid slot. Can use 2 sims and sd card at a time. Also front flash selfie for infinix

  11. Infinix note 4….. 5.7 full hd…… And 387ppi. Can anyone explain this???

  12. Biased review….plz avoid.
    Infinix has corning gorilla glass which was not discussed here

  13. camera vo bhee xiaomi ka acha paid ho kya bhai Maine bhee redmi note 4 ka camera dekha h Jo bilkul kachara h bekar hai

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