Inside a Fake Apple Store in China

The Apple Store in Guangzhou, China isn’t all it appears… we also saw some knock off iPhone X’s within a week of its release!
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‘Butterfly Lovers’ – Saib

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Huge shoutout to Hainan for sending me to their beautiful island in China and to Guangzhou!



  1. Although BootCamp is not unheard of, and Macs can definitely run Windows, too, I do agree that seeing an iMac run Windows INSIDE an Apple Store is probably not something Apple would approve.

  2. I'm genetically Chinese and I hate the fake stuffs China makes, though not all stuffs they make are fake and bad but I'm sick of the fake bad stuffs already…

  3. Yea it’s true that there is a lot of fake stuff but a lot off stuff is very good so?

  4. At this stage of the game China is more capitalistic then America. And people are bathed in consumer goods.

  5. Ohmygod I have never seen a worse comments section especially on Evan's videos of all people. I don't get why people think he was rude, it's just unfamiliar to him that knockoff apple products are sold in what looks like a regular apple store he's used to where everything's legit and expensive. He didn't mock anyone there and he wasn't there to make fun of the culture. In fact because of this video I want to visit Guangzhou myself to see the amazing cityscape and get a taste of the culture!

  6. It's common in some Apple Store in China. Most of Chinese people already get used to Windows and OSX can be an obstacle for selling Mac computer. So some Store try to install both Windows and OSX to prove their computer can run windows to increase sales.

  7. Ik the shop name its called Apple Store its a real shop in china many poor suckers buying fake apple phones

  8. Oh my lord…he calls everything fake
    Saw a Huawei store
    Says there’s another fake apple store there

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