I cover all of the tips Apple suggests to help save battery on your iPhone and show you how they work.

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  1. Just a note…….. Accuweather app uses nearly a quarter of the battery per day if you allow background app refresh on iPone X with iOS 11.2.5

  2. do you know how to get back the calculation when you delete the app and how to get back install it

  3. Got an iphone 7, and been using it for a week now, but the battery life only lasts me about 4-5 hours of usage a day even using these tips, any other suggestions that might help?

  4. Screen brightness.
    Thats always the No1 battery drainer.

  5. i just got an i phone 5s
    and i am using a windows 7 pc(had it on windows 10 bu i downgraded it )
    is there any way of transferring content from pc to ios 10
    other than i tunes or anytrans
    i am using shareit
    is it good?

  6. My iPhone 5s battery has gone to shits Do you think replacing my battery will help me out for a few moreMonths ?

  7. ahhh useless i hope you don't say to turn off your iphone to save batteries…

  8. Hey zollotech i love the quality and personality of youre videos and wanted to ask if youre planning a "whats on my iphone" in the near future ?

  9. I remember when ios 8 didn't need low power mode & lasted more

  10. My battery used to be in Standby for 1 day or more, now in just 8 hours the phone turns off even though I barely use it.

    At the moment, the battery Usage: 3 hours, 2 min. Standby: 7 hours, 12 min.

    I turned off background app refresh, all the automatic updates, handoff, notifications…

    Today I only used Wi-Fi so 3G was off too.

    My battery Wear Level is 3% so I think that it is not a battery problem.

    Does anyone know anything about it?

    What should I do?

  11. if i remove an app from my home screen, for example mail, will it use any battery life trying to fetch data, or is it disabled?

  12. Cool tips,thanx👍🏽 iOS10 is giving my iPhone5S that i use as a media player awesome battery life as well as my iPhone6plus. Do you think we'll see a Dark Mode for iOS10? Loved Eclipse3 when I was jailbroken.

  13. your super dope i will support you forever ! please do more you are very blessed to be here im glad you are even here with us on this planet keep being you 🙂

  14. My experience on my 6S on iOS 10 is pretty good. I'm surprised that I can use my iPhone normally and last all day and maybe the next day. I do use low power mode cause it's just want I want. I hate having something happening behind the scenes. I do HATE the battery percentage being forced on.

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