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Apple shockingly released both iOS 11.2 Beta 6 and the official version of iOS 11.2 on the same day. The reason for this sudden release of the official version of iOS 11.2 was due to a restring bug that needed to be fixed. With the rushed release of this version of iOS there were a lot of consequences, battery life being the worst of them. Some users have experienced extremely…


  1. My iPhone 7 completely drains to dead while on standby within 5hrs… I’m pissed

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  3. is it just me or does ios 11.2 mainly drain the battery when the screen is off

  4. This whole iPhone thing has made me gun shy about anything Apple does anymore. What do I mean? …. well my opinion is now that the vast talent of Steve Jobs has pretty much dissolved out of the iPhone ( and the rest of the Apple products ), no one at Apple has the ability to continue the progress. Thus all the recent problems with the software and the hardware. For that reason I still use iOS 10.3.3 and don't plan to upgrade anytime soon! In fact if this doesn't stop soon I may never upgrade and change to another product. I have been using Apple products for about 30 years exclusively and never have I seen such poor quality. It's kinda like what happened to Apple the last time they tried to operate without Steve. Sadly, he will not be returning this time.

  5. I just upgrade to ios 11.2.5 this noon. It messed up my battery life, i hv charging for over 6/7 hour n it just got 20 more %. Its drive me crazy, is there someone got the same problem with me?

  6. I’m going back to galaxy when the S9 comes out and bye bye Apple if they don’t fix the update

  7. i just update ios 11.2 but it drains betry in 4 hours shit,,what should i do help me out plz.

  8. According to Apple's webpage, an iPhone 6s+ battery should last up to 14h on HD video playback. Does anyone can get at least close to that? Mine lasts 5h only texting people.

  9. Apple is draining battery from "previous" iPhone (5, 6, 7 and 8) for marketing reason.
    Apple's main product nowadays is iPhone X, wich has a huge screen (5.8 In) but a very small battery.
    So it is not possible for an iPhone X to have a good battery life.
    So Apple reduced battery life from all other models to increase iPhone X sales.
    Would you buy an iPhone X if you knew that it has only half of an iPhone 7 battery life?

  10. Well that’s a rip for me because I have iPhone 6 and it’s latest from now on is 11.2

  11. iOS 11 (and th succeeding updates) seems to be the buggiest mobile OS by Apple Inc. Poor performance and to most conditions battery life. Sadly they have regressed to playing second fiddle to Android. And what's this rumour that Apple will replace your devices battery even it it passed the checkup reeks of unethical and dishonest business practice. So I ask what is the saving grace that will keep us from leaving the OS?

  12. Hey buddy your video is awesome and I need your help and advice please. I have iPhone 6 and updated iOS 11.2.1 My phone battery is draining. I just change my phone battery and still I am facing the issue, what do you advise should I wait for a new update or something else.

  13. I have a iPhone 6 and my phone has been dying fast like smh they gotta fix this I barely got this phone

  14. i've got a 5s and the 11 update killed my phones battery,last apple product i'm buying.

  15. Using an iPhone 6 & Looking at these comments and thinking to myself "good thing I don't have these issues"…idk why but my 6 works fine on the new update

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