iOS 11.4.1 Released! Battery Drain Fix & More!

Apple released iOS 11.4.1 today after a very lengthy Beta period. This update is long overdue, so let’s take a look at the changes Apple made in this update and why you might want to be installing it onto your device.

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Hope you guys find this useful! Enjoy! I’ll see you, in the next video 🙂
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  1. Did updating to ios 12 fix battery drain problem from ios 11.4.1? Someone else?

  2. Anyone happen to know the current settings for “safari advanced experimental features”?? 11.4.1

  3. um, no 11.4.1 doesnt fix anything. it causes severe battery drain! Do not update.

  4. With my phone unlocked I can literally watch the percentage go down every 30 seconds. My iwatch 2 had the same issue after i updated. i payed $80 for a replacement watch, i refuse to give Apple any more of my money. Never buying a Apple product again.

  5. Hi – just a quick question. After updating to 11.4.1 on my 6s, my battery life has deteriorated badly. While the phone worked fine before the update, now it goes into a reboot cycle until the battery is drained. Apple insists I need a new battery whilst the reboot cycle happens even when it is plugged to a power source. Has anybody experienced this and how did you fix it. thanks

  6. My phone just stays at 100% and I have iPhone 6 and it just dies and when I turn it on it stays at 100

  7. Battery drain fix? My battery life was fine until this update. Now its terrible compared to what it used to be.

  8. iOS 11.4.1 happens to make my 6s battery drains even worse. Only 4 hours after full charge it goes down to 20-30% with regular use. This is so ugly.

  9. having iphone 6 , after installing 11.4.1 getting battery drain a lot ,not even standby an hour

  10. I just got a iPhone 8 3 days ago and my updated 10 mins ago but when I first got my iPhone 8 battery drained fast so did this update help it?

  11. ever since i updated to ios 11.4.1 i get a error whenever i try searching for apps in the app store saying it cant connect other than that no issues so far

  12. Updated to 11.4.1 and still having battery drain issues – I've had it with Apple, time to move on…

  13. Can u please say me why does my iPhone se heat up verry much on every version of ios 11? Can it be fixed?

  14. So I have an iPhone 6s that is about a month and a half old, after the update voice control would randomly turn on while using music and the music would randomly pause and or fast forward. I’ve seen some people say it may be the headphone jack or the plugin port but plugin port looks absolutely fine no debris anywhere and the headphone jack works completely fine. This is why I honestly hate Apple at some times because their updates seem to work fine one day then the next day screws major things up. Also am I the only one confused why updates never seem to affect iPads but only iPhones?

  15. Dont upgrade to 11,4 ios fck i hate my iphone 6 now drain alot of battery.. 🙁 before i had 10 ios the battery its really good
    WHy i cant upgrade to 11.41? i am from europe sweden. i look update its say the lastest version i have

  16. 11.4.1 is causing major battery drain including watch os. I don't know why you think this fixed it unless it was speculation before use.

  17. When I updated the software on my iPhone se I noticed that the battery drains every 2 or 3 hours

  18. my iphone x do the otherwise, after updated to ios 11.4.1 really killing the battery pretty quickly. I think ios 11.4 in my case more stable battery life

  19. I’m still on iOS 12 🤔 and no I don’t have a computer so how am I suppose to install this?

  20. Finally. My phone was heating even when not used. I had to charge it like 3 times a day lol. God bless 11.4.1

  21. guys,does it really help fix the battery drain problem?Coz i updated my iphone from 11.3 something to 11.4 and i noticed the battery drain so much faster than it does before the update

  22. How is it possible that you still have 100% of battery health? If your device is from november it is quite surprising for me.

  23. Apple didn’t mention anything about fixing the battery drainage issue. I think u should test it first before tellin viewers such a thing.

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