iOS 12.3.2 is Out! – What's New?

iOS 12.3.2 is now available to iPhone 8 Plus devices. It’s very rare to see Apple put out an update for only one device, but iOS 12.3.2 fixes issues with the camera that are specific to iPhone 8 Plus. In this video I show you the update size of iOS 12.3.2 and also show what is new. #iOS #Apple #Update

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  1. Sir, ur iphone 5s aint dead even stuck at ios 12, like mine. U can still download any apps with ios 12. Most apps wont require io 13 to qualify users to download, most will be like ios 8 or 9, which ios12 is way update than those basic requirements. I can forsee my iphone 5s to last for another 2 years starting its obsolete date this sept 2019.

  2. PLEASE will someone tell APPLE to FIX IOS …. This latest version 12.3.1 is a causing all other 3rd party APPS to slow, crash, freeze, & basically DRAIN BATTERY. It’s unbelievable. STOP IT & FIX IT. Am I the only one who is having this issue. 12 hour production work days. 6 of them spent looking for a solution so that work can be accomplished. OUTRAGEOUS.

  3. Waste of time you giving build number who really gives a fuck about the build number you go on and on

  4. Updated my 8 Plus yesterday. The portrait photos are indeed better. I just hope 12.4 fixes all the small animation stutters when opening/switching between apps.

  5. i just want to ask, my phone is iphone 6plus, is it true that the last ios for this unit is 12.3.1?? 😞

  6. Did the 12.3.1 update and my battery life is bad very bad. Hoping apple can fix this problem. Does anybody has the same problem?

  7. Hi Aaron I updated successfully 12.3.2 but after reboot my phone has stucked and is not going ahead to finish the installation of the Siri. PL suggest

  8. Zollotech I’m getting battery replacement before Apple care expires soon. Think this would improve battery life on iOS 12? Or do you think it’s too late since I updated to iOS 12?

    I feel like iOS 11 > battery life on 8 plus
    iOS 12 > speed but less battery life
    Typically at around 2 pm I’m at 75% with iOS 11. After updating to iOS 12 for days I’m at 50% at 2 pm using the same applications. I don’t use too demand battery apps. I’m wondering if Apple sacrificed battery life for speed on iOS 12. They did similar from iOS 10 to iOS 11 in battery I believe. Making people buy newer iPhones

  9. Got an 8 plus over the x cause everyone has an iphone X. Besides the 8 plus is faster , battery lasts longer, screen ratio is better (imo) , more rugged less pron to screen breaks , no Face ID failures, Fast touch ID unlocks, etc its just awesome ! Plus is low key profile which i love !

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