iPad Pro 2018 Day One! – The BEST iPad Yet?

The 2018 iPad Pro just came out with a brand new beautiful redesign that shrinks the bezels of the device. This is the First iPad Pro to feature apple’s brand new Face ID system that now works in all orientations. The iPad Pro also comes with the powerful a12x chip, new camera, a usb-c port, and no headphone jack. The 2018 iPad Pro also comes with a redesigned Apple Pencil, a new Smart Keyboard folio.

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  1. Just bought my Ipad 2017pro 12.9 instead of the 2018 model. As a musician I needed a headphone jack, stabilization for the video camera, and the larger bezels do not bother me at all. Touch ID works just fine, besides I do not work for the CIA to need face recognition. Yes the 2018 model is fast, and beautiful, but it does not have what I need for my work flow. Good luck to everyone who buys the new model. Enjoy………………………..

  2. There's no portrait mode on the back camera probably because of the 5 element lens instead of 6 and maybe the sensor is not the same as the XR

  3. Great video once again 👍👍 Question: What strap do you have for your Apple Watch in this video ? It looks very nice.

  4. Awesome video Greg! Any chance you can do a video comparison between the 2018 iPad Pro and the2017 IPad Pro?

  5. I returned my 12.9 256 go for the 512gb 11 inch yesterday. Best decision I made since i will be using this for school and portable use.

  6. Saving money on this big bad boi, can’t wait to hold it in my hands, I’m tired of the bezels in my iPad Pro 10.5.

  7. Watching on the 11” iPad. I love it already. I also love Face ID. If we could get Face ID to work like that on iPhones we’d be all set!

  8. I have the 11 inch so much black bars on everything nothing scales corectly atm

  9. Apple needs to add more iPad exclusive features to take advantage of the beastly processor and large screen. I saw Samsung’s demo of One UI where they have 3 active split view windows and can “snap” an incoming notification into an active window. (iPad only has 2 split view windows, 1 slide-over, and 1 picture-in-picture. Not very useful for my personal use).

  10. I think there was a sequence mistake from 0:43 to 0:46? I thought my laptop was acting up on me. Otherwise, great vid! Seriously wanting the Pro 11 even if I don't need it. lol

  11. Based on your review. I must say the first shock was when you said the new iPad Pro had a thicker bezel on one of the sides. I’m sure it’s similar reason why the XR had bigger bezel but, always possible future upgrades 🙂 maybe even smaller bezels 🙂

    Definitely the faster charger, almost full screen, better speakers, and extra additions for the pencil etc looks good.

    But I still think, the overall improvements in this new iPad, are not as drastic as last years iPad Pro. I think the original first iPad Pro had problems which needed major fixing. Which the 2017 iPad Pro did fix. And this new iPad Pro just seem a slight improvement.

    Nothing wrong with this Ofcourse. Just giving my opinion 🙂 I would assume battery would be better because of the A12X chip, since the A12 was hyped to save on battery usage. As you said, the A13 should be an even bigger beast.

    As for certain apps / websites not fitting properly on the screen, had a similar problem with last years iPad Pro.

    Overall, Ofcourse a better device than last year overall. But certainly not worth being upset for having last years tablet. It still works brilliantly, I’m happy with it. All it does it get me hyped for the future iPad Pro 🙂

  12. Hello! Came instantly as the notification came. That new iPad Pro looks fire. Keep up the quality content!

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