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It’s not easy to create earbud-style headphones that not only feel good in your ears, but also sit securely in your ears. That’s because everyone’s ears are different. Using optical scans combined with silicone molding, Apple designers created 3D models of various ear types to find a common shape across many different people. That shape led to the unique look of the new Apple EarPods. Unlike traditional circular earbuds, their design is defined by the geometry of the ear. Which makes them…


  1. I have different ears then the way they fit so I will buy the adapter for the iPhone 8 so I can wear my regular earbuds

  2. These are so uncomfortable, despite all the work he says they've done. They feel unstable and actually hurt almost immediately. I'm shocked that Apple couldn't come up with something better.

  3. This is such a bulshit, the way he makes it sound like we’re buying Bentley for our ears… Fits ok on 90% of the people out there??? HEY BUDDY 90% PEOPLE OUT THERE DONT LIKE THIS SHIT! this is absolute garbage.

  4. 0:50 lies you tell. I have the Se and these are the most uncomfortable ear buds I have ever worn.

  5. why isn't the edge of the speaker on the inside of the earbud made of a soft material? that could a) stop it from scratching your ear and b) grip your ear to stop it from falling out

  6. I don't care about all those other features. I just want to know how to use the damn things without them falling out f my ears

  7. Yeah. These are the worst ear buds I've ever used. Uncomfortable, wonky, and fall out too easily. Plus they don't cancel any background noise! I'm still using my old HTC ear buds with my iPhone se.

  8. They hurt my ears. I mean, yeah, it does sound clearer, but it's not comfortable at all.

  9. these shitty ass fucking earpods keep falling out of my tiny earholes.

  10. Can anyone explain why they cause pain in my ear. I feel a lump wtf is in them??

  11. did this guy just say comfort? guys im not gonna lie i found this video by searching in google "how to wear the iphone headphones ?" cuz it's not comfortable O.o i thought i was wearing it wrong or something…..f dis shit im gonna buy a cheap headphones from the convenience store better than this shit

  12. am i the only one who wears them like the old ones? its way more comfortable and falls out less but the main speaker isn't really inside my ear….. idk i am not a fan of this design at all

  13. I know this review seems long, but I hope you read it entirely. Unlike most people, I love the feel and audio quality of these earbuds. So far, I have no pain or discomfort. Maybe my ears are just the right shape? Anyways, it's difficult to make earbuds that will fit EVERYONE'S ears perfectly.

    I assume most of you are wearing them while exercising or walking around busy cities. If you use them with your devices while sitting down (not moving around very much), they will never fall out. There are accessories you can buy to hook them onto your ears: http://www.imore.com/three-accessories-keep-earpods-your-ears-when-youre-working-out

    I don't know what you guys consider to be "good sound quality". They sound similar to the old Apple earbuds but have a deeper bass. Yes, that's bass you are hearing, not muffled audio. I even crank up my bass booster app on my Macbook Pro for more power. These certainly aren't the best earbuds for audiophiles (assuming they actually like earbuds), but they are fantastic quality for the price.

    The price isn't bad at all, especially if you get them with an Apple device. I bought a pair from Amazon, which is the cheapest I could find: http://www.amazon.com/Apple-MD827LL-A-EarPods-Remote/dp/B0097BEG1C

  14. Ha Ha Ha. You have to be a real apple loser to think these headphones are anything other than utter shit. Why do apple even bother? I have the ipod 6, its great, well built, good sound, terrible phones.

  15. I'm shocked at how many people say these things her yet Apple put them out? I don't understand how so many people can complain about something yet they still ok'd it.… There's NO way that their testing ppl voted that this was a good idea! Ouch! Terrible product.

  16. These things sound great, but I can't wear them for more than half an hour without hurting. For a company that prides itself on design, this was SUCH fail, imho.

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