iPhone 6 And 6 Plus | Hands On

Apple’s new iPhones are now a known quantity, but perhaps you haven’t yet had a chance to get a more intimate look at them. We had opportunity to try them out in person, and to run through all of the new hardware features and software functions they offer. Both the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus offer unique advantages and disadvantages with respect to one another, but ultimately, they’re cut from the same cloth and should serve the needs of most mobile users.

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  1. I own an 8 plus but I’m typing this on a iPhone 6 mine still works good till this day and it’s crazy how this is almost 4 years old and people still use the 6/plus

  2. It's Double Tap Not Touch Bruh🤗.. Trust Me I'm Using The 6 Plus Right Now..

  3. I have nothing against iPhone users, but don't try to degrade someone just because they decide to stick with Android… I love my Android which has 5.7" screen, and its has the smooth functionality of the iPhone… My battery is 3400 mah and the life is amazing… So don't try to say that the only reason that people oppose the iPhone is because they can't afford it… I sure in the hell wouldn't pay that much for a phone anyways.

  4. Horizontal home screen was jacked from LG G series smartphones so that's nothing new. Apple really doesn't innovate they just replicate these days. I also noticed features from BB10, WP 8.0, and Android 4.2.2 jelly bean. I hear iPhone users say the same thing every year,"Android might have done it first but Apple makes it better", which is the same as saying, "yeah ,we know they ripped it off but they make stealing cool so it's okay". 

  5. public boolean isAppleDead (Steve theBigMan) {
       if (theBigMan == null)
          return true;
          return false;

  6. the comments by iphone users below is hilarious. ignorance is bliss i guess.

  7. I think i will buy an iPhone for the first time…iphones now have widgets, larger screen, better battery life (specially the 6 plus), also great camera and great display. Only thing am concerned about is the build quality, the bending issue.

  8. It doesn't matter if apple or samsung is better lol. Both are great phones hahah, ive used both before.

  9. As you said, it is the upgraded version of Apple 5/5S soooooo just for the upgraded version we have to pay more just to have those little changes,,,what I have realized is that the more upgraded the iphone is the worse it performs….!!!!! No one wants an iphone 6 plus bending inside our pockets……

  10. I hate android fan boys , like both Apple and android phones are good , I'm sticking to Apple cause it's just my preference , if your note is better then my iPhone 6 then kuddos to you , I'm getting what I like , I'm not gonna switch to android just cause people are saying its copying android like who cares if it's not a new idea , it's new to Apple and that's good enough for me , overall both phones are great but in the end it's all what people want that matters

  11. So what's the verdict? Which is better, iPhone 6 or 6 plus?  iPhone 6 too small, but iPhone 6 too big? 

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  13. I bought an Iphone 6, i returned that galaxy looking shit and went back to my iphone 5 —- no other phone like it

  14. I get sick of all the iphone hating idiots.  ever notice how iphone users never comment on android stuff but somehow android idiot always offer an unsolicited opinion on apple stuff? STFU

  15. You missed a major difference between the two phones regarding the optical and digital image stabilisation. 

  16. I think of this I-Phone as an enlarged HTC Evo 4G from 2010. Both have 8MP Cameras and similar processors (Dual Core 1.2GHZ EVO vs Dual core 1.4GHZ I-Phone). Only the I-Phone has a larger and higher resolution screen.

    I also find it embarrassing that faster and better phones (Moto G, quad core snapdragon 400, and 5 inch screen, 8MP Camera) cost only $199 while the I-Phone costs $649 and has only equal or worse specs. For a slightly lower price of $619, the fully aluminium Samsung Galaxy Alpha has an octa core 1.8GHZ processor 5 times as fast as that of the I-Phone 6, and has a full metal body and 13MP camera. I think that the budget phones are making a revolution in performance and most people will not need the extra performance or features. This is why the Moto G and Xiaomi Redmi 1s are selling like hotcakes.

    At a high price range however, the question is not iPhone 6 vs 6 plus, but rather Samsung Alpha vs Note 4.

  17. I LOVE apple products, but my IPad 4 fell like last week Thursday becuz my case isnt good and cracked which Im disappointed but its strong and hopefully I may get another next yr i pray, just storage problems but its still THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  18. To everyone who says put a android phone with the same specs as the iphone, it will lag as hell…well it won't…the iphone's cpu is a cyclone…its almost a desktop grade cpu….however the snapdragon 800,801,805 e.t.c. are faster…so iOS isn't even optimized..the fact that you pay 1000$ for something that bends in your pocket sounds ridiculous…or that you can easily drop it….(i don't give a fuck that a case can fix those i shouldn't be supposed to buy a case for a 1000$ phone to function normally)..i liked apple when Steve was alive…when the iphone 5,5s was out..they are pretty good phones actually..but they don't cost as much as they sell them…you pay 400$ premium..only because of the apple logo on the back..but now..Iphone 6,6 plus is a complete garbage. Thanks for the patience of reading all this.My English sucks a lot, and i apologize for that.Sorry Apple but you lost the ball.

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