iPhone 6 Plus vs Blade S6 – Did ZTE copy Apple?

Beau HD compares the Apple iPhone 6 Plus with the ZTE Blade S6. At first glance, the ZTE Blade S6 looks to resemble an iPhone 6 as it has a plastic build construction that resembles the unibody aluminum design found on the iPhone 6. In addition, many of the logos and texts found on the Blade S6 are placed in a similar region as the iPhone 6.

Does the design deter you from purchasing the ZTE Blade S6? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

ZTE Blade S6 on…


  1. come on fanboy these phones looking nothing a like and fanboy all the time apple copy android shut up with this stupid shit this why i hate you sorry ass fanboys now take apple nuts out your mouth

  2. My desk has a curve…I guess it is copying iphone design too. God! my TV, my monitors, my tablets…they all have CURVES! They are using APPLE SHAPE! My knee has a curve too! I'm copying APPLE! The whole world is copying APPLE! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………..

  3. first you think iphone 6s+ is lookin good then you realize ythe battery drains quickly its only 2750 mah plus its not water resistance no ultra power saving mode

  4. well if you don't like the ZTE Blade S6 phone then give it tot me I'll be more than grateful to even have a phone

  5. I watching this on my ZTE and tomorrow or another day im gonna get a iPhone 5S its all true i swear

  6. the only thing that matters about its phone is its software and how it feels to hold in my opinion .looks are not really that important

  7. I have a zte blade x plus and I would take it over any apple product I love it BTW its a Aussie only version

  8. I have a zte blade x plus and I would take it over any apple product I love it BTW its a Aussie only version

  9. I have the zte blade s6 and I have used it for a while now and I have to admit its a bang for your buck* I mean u just don't get a phone for 250$ with capabilities like the Zte . the iPhone cost a lot more than that ,and really guys is it WORTH IT? Think about that <<peace>>

  10. I wouldn't dare to use zte blade s6 in public, i think it is stupid because it is obviously fake and the back is made of plastic major turn off. Shame cause i am kinda interested on 64bit phones they should make zte blade s6 with more unique design

  11. Does it matter if it's similar to an iPhone? The ZTE is pretty cheap for a phone, and is almost as good as the iPhone. Even though u may look cheap with a copied phone, u still get a load of things for a cheap price…

  12. My ZTE doesn't have the 'designed in California by ZTE…' written on the back 😛 And I also have an app tray.

  13. I wouldn't buy it cause zte didn't come up with a 'new' idea. Obviously apple had the look first. They just don't deserve it in my opinion.

  14. Why the duck would they call it zte s6 theres not even a zte s5 I can already tell these guys are gonna fail miserably

  15. The home button on the ZTE is the home button from android lollipop. ZTE should've added the share and triangle buttons too.

  16. I don't like the design of the ZTE, the antenna lines of the iPhone are strange, but I could life with that. Actually, I would take it in a case, so I don't see them very often. 
    Before I knew that the ZTE is made of plastic, I thought it looks strange, well I'm not a fan of the material. 
    ZTE copy Apple, Apple copy HTC and and and… 
    My conclusion is, that I would prefer the iPhone.

  17. I think $250 is too much for a clone. Considering other peoples review s about this product I don't think I'll be buying it.

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