iPhone 6 Tips – How to Save Songs for Offline Playback in Apple Music

While the new Apple Music streaming service is great while you have cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, what happens when you don’t have any access to internet? Check out how to save songs for offline playback in Apple Music on the iPhone 6.

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  1. The app doesn't keep your place in a playlist after you close the app like google play, and doesn't create an automatic playlist of songs you hearted. It's a BS app

  2. Hey does anyone know why my Apple Music removed my downloaded music and made it so that I can't listen to it offline? I have tried downloading everything again but it won't work!
    I have an active membership and there's more than enough storage in my phone!

  3. Guys help, if I've save and downloaded the song that I wanted, and my Apple Music trial is done, does the song still in my library or it'll disappear?

  4. Thanks to the update 9.3.5, I can't download the music I PAID FOR offline.This is BS.

  5. Do you have to pay for those songs or it's like if you are a member you get all songs for free?

  6. I don't have that option nor do I have the little cloud symbol with arrow that some people mentioned how do I make my music available for offline playback?

  7. I found the solution guys! Don't click on the 3 dots. Click on the plus symbol (+). You have to have ICloud Music Library On, turn that on in settings

  8. SOLUTION. Go to iTunes on your computer. Create a new smart playlist. Match the following rule, Artist does not contain (type anything thats not an artist ie: bfwnejn) click ok. All the songs from your library will now be in the smart playlist. Go to iOS device, go to playlist, select download for offline use, and there goes your whole library downloading!

  9. It's need me to enable the iCloud Music Library But It's not working cuz It can't enable. Why? Help me please 🙁

  10. I bought an album and downloaded it and when I leave wifi 3 songs from that album need wifi to play suddenly! Help

  11. how do i download my music library offline? is there an option where i can just download all?

  12. Does the songs you've made available offline still work if your not paying the Apple Music subscription?

  13. Oh guys if you don't have the drop down option go onto the track and press the symbol with the cloud and the arrow. 😀 Happy Listening (offline)

  14. My library glitches and all my music gets deleted and I have to re-download every song, album! If anyone has a solution for this?

  15. The videos i made from my iphone 5s like months ago wont play its just loading !!! Help meee

  16. I clicked the 3 dots and it dosen't have an option for making my musics available offline.. Help!

  17. I have an Apple Music account , does that mean I can download the albums and add them to my music without paying for it ?

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