Apple’s new iPhone battery case is… interesting.

Mophie Juicepack Air:
Lifeproof case:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over



  1. Would using the portable charging case all the time not effect both there batteries? Also can you replace the battery in the case? I have one and I’m just wondering does anyone know the answers to these questions would be a great help.. thanks

  2. my wife is using the IFANS MFI Certified 3500mAh Battery Charger Case for iPhone 6s 6 , AND according to her she cant live without it !! imagine that shit ^_^

  3. Chisom Agbara this case is not like most others like a Mophie whereas you control when it charges the iPhone. This case will constantly keep the iPhone charging. I was wondering, is this bad for the iPhone? Can it damage the iPhone’s internal battery? Can it overheat the iPhone? My concern is that iPhone will be under a constant charge! How can this be good? Thank you.

  4. How come that there is no official iphone x battery case from iphone?
    Nice video btw

  5. I’ve had mophie and they are just garbage, they break and you can’t sync with iTunes, I love Apples smart battery case they got it right and you don’t have anything to think about!! SMART!!

  6. I don’t even understand why these cases exist. Is it so hard to charge your phone at night?

  7. I got an off brand phone case for about 15 bucks that would charge my phone to about 80% if it were on 1%. It looked exactly like the Mophy cases (or however you spell it) it had the same top coming off thing, it had a button on the back, and it showed you how much charge it had. It was bad quality but super cheap.

  8. Why buy a battery case that you STILL have to plug in to a charger to charge your phone? You might as well just charge it WITHOUT a battery case.

  9. The bulge on the back of the case is the case's actual battery.

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