iPhone 7 & Apple Watch 2 – Everything You Need to Know!

Apple September 2016 Event (iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, iOS 10 & more – Recap!)

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  1. This iPhone 7 jet black looks really nice, but when the Galaxy S6 Edge was first revealed my mind was blown, so my expectations have risen since then.

  2. When you want an Apple Watch, but also know it's sort of a gimmick for your personal life ;-;-;-;-; it looks nice thoo

  3. love the vids ive been watching for 2 years love your channel keep up the good work and youll hate me for this but im still rocking the iphone 5 lol

  4. Does anyone know how simple it is to go from iOS 10 beta GM to the actual public release?

  5. I'm gonna keep my iPhone 6S I guess…. And I will either upgrade from iPad Air 2 to the next one OR just keep the iPad Air 2 and get an Apple Watch 2 Series I'm honestly confused xD

  6. Ip67 what dose that mean how much is that how much water can you put it in for how long ?

  7. I've had the iPhone 6 ever since it came out what feels like forever ago and if I had the money for it I honestly would get the 256G iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black. Back to the video though, great video man, through and informative while not being too long. I've been loving your videos lately and it's obvious that you work really hard and actually care about them. Keep up the good work bro 👌🙌🔥

  8. Best tech videos ever. Thanks! Btw, what would you prefer the iPhone 6s or 7 if you are upgrading from an iPhone4s? Do you think people should wait for the iPhone 7s idk, because the first one of the series is always like an experiment to see what fails and what does not? let me know!

  9. Built-in gps and 50m water resistance isn't worth it? That news brought me on deck to buy a new Apple Watch. Those two features are spectacular for a smart watch.

  10. What you need to know: it doesn't have a headphone jack.

    That's really all you need to know.

  11. Honestly I'm disappointed in Apple. Hey lets just improve a few things and market it as the best ever. It's still pretty similar to the iPhone 6. Ever since Steve jobs died it's just become more about branding. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung slowly take over co spidering they seem to be ahead of the company and actually produce their products mainly, seriously questioning Apple. Disappointed the new Mac book pros didn't come out. Will have to wait a few more months 🙄

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