iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2: What You Need to Know — Apple Event Recap

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  1. it is bro. remember the price of iphone 6s plus and iphone 6 plus when it launch is $749 on base model. and this year is $769.

  2. don't like watches ether have BIG ASS wrist like u p.s. do u get good reception with those ears?

  3. Definitely going to pick up the Apple Watch Series 2 but not the iPhone 7. Not interested in going there yet. Also you missed a key thing. 16GBs on ALL iPhones available has been cut and they all start at 32GBs of storage

  4. The only thing I'm excited for is Super Mario Run. I won't be upgrading my iPhone 6s in a few years.

  5. Nice recap. I think I'm going to hold onto my iPhone 6 for another year. The 7 looks nice, but the 6 meets my needs and I'm also hoping the rumored design overhaul will happen next year.

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