1. hello dear we are every time fix this problem but we face every time iphone 7 and also 7 plus on searching and no serves plz help me why this problem every time whare is this problem

  2. Where do you recommend to buy parts from? 🙂

  3. my iphone 6splus is stuck on booting screen and stays on there until it dies, ive tried restoreing and updateing it but still doesnt work any ideas

  4. How common would you say the Audio IC boot loop issue is? Enough for Apple to warrant a replacement program?

  5. Yes ur z first to open it lol .dont find persons like u who repairs mother board so lots phones go to doom that way where I'm at

  6. Another great video Jason! I'm watching them in a random order 🙂 Was wondering, are the customers normally very upset when they have to bring their phone back after a repair? How do you deal with them and the situation?

  7. Hi, Is this sympthom familiar? iPhone 7 boot loops, but if I disconnect the front camera flex, it starts, but touch-id and home button doesn't work. But, if I reconnect the front camera AND disconnect the home button, the phone starts too.. I just can't have both parts connected at the same time. I've tried new screen and new front camera flex. Motherboard issue? In that case, which chip? One of those in your video? Btw. ear-speaker works, but not front camera, prox or light sensor.

  8. Hey it's Sharie and everything I was seeing if you can fix my phone is stuck in reboot mode and everything cuz I don't have time to fix it and everything cuz I'm a model and stuff like that can you please help me fix my phone I ship it to you whatever I will ship it to you whatever and you just tell me to cost to fix it call me at 270-697-7657

  9. i pulled this off first time did one today ,have one for tomorrow , you are so funny 😀
    and dont be so positive about repairs i dont want you disappointed
    if you look at 35:29 you could clearly see a fault in BB area it started with searching without a sim card
    I immediately thought overheated BBCPU (im that negative) , cuz i thought (i dont really see nozzle pointing at ) you heated a wrong spot (i like to heat close to nand cuz the metal shield that goes around holds a lot of heat)
    glad it turned out to be a bbpmic ,thumbs up

  10. Do you have the program to restore any apple product back to factory that’s locked on iCloud?

  11. I don't even have this problem but I'm fascinated so I watched to 7 mins… why you hypnotizing me ?

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