iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test

Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge Fingerprint Scanner Speed Test, We lock & unlock our devices hundreds of times a day so these should be very fast! Which has the fastest fingerprint scanner?


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  1. iPhones can unlock the phone by just resting your finger. but its not activated by deafult

    Heres how:

    Settings – General – Accessibility – Home Button

    its on the bottom of the page, below "PRESS AND HOLD TO SPEAK"

  2. you have to keep the screen on on the s7 and it can be seen while screen on that s7 is faster and iphone is slow for which you excuse about the animation …..completely biased..

  3. Why everyone still think the Fastest fingerprint on new iphone is something cool. İt's a fail from iphone for me. There is something wrong, i usually use to see the notification in one click of home button but not with this İnnovation.
    Just like we love to have fast car but when it's fastest than normal it's just a fail of functionality

  4. The Galaxy S7 was faster than the iPhone 7 when the screen was on regardless of the animation, you can see it when you watch it in slow motion.

  5. everybody knows the fact that s7's fingerprint is not set to wake up with just a click!
    the screen on part was a fair comparison. even though s7 was faster, i prefer ios because of just the click.

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