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iPhone 8 Plus & Apple Watch Series 3: Stupid Long Unboxing and First Impressions After 24 Hours!!!

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  1. Good video ? I enjoy seeing unboxing videos. Hope I will inbox my own some time.

  2. Great video as always Josh!! I just wish Apple was more creative with the iPhone 8/ 8 Plus this year. Btw, I sell to CellCashier all the time and they always have the best service and prices for used iPhones.

  3. Great video Josh. Your perspective helps a lot because I am a droid person with little experience with iPhones. For me a white phone would be filthy so if I get an iPhone 8+ it would be the gray. I always use a case on my phones and would do the same with this phone.

  4. currently using a lg v20, really thinking of getting the 8 plus with the upgrade program they have since my v20's camera glass keeps breaking and always wanted a smartwatch and nothing compares to the apple watch! only thing that's holding me back is availability and not knowing how that upgrade program works since i'm new to the whole credit scene

  5. Stability on the iPhone is not good.., the note looked great.. Love my note

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