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  1. I don’t think there is a good all around screen protector that actually works for me yet

  2. Is there a rainbow effect on the border between film and display?

  3. $40 for a glass screen protector, what a noob lol!! Learn how to install your own protectors. They aren't very difficult to do. Just clean your phone very well and apply it. No way in the world I pay that much for a screen protector with installation.

  4. I wouldnt pay 40 for this thats crazyyyyy lol i apply my own no dust under glass lol

  5. 40 bucks to install a 2,5 buck protector ? you have to be disabled to mess it up but even then, you can retry like 16 times for that price. jesus man, advising people to pay 40 bucks should be considered a crime

  6. Is the 8+ more curvy than the 7+? I find it super hard to find a glass protector that protects all the edges. Most the protectors just barely cover the screen width, maybe a couple mm off but definitely noticeable

  7. I have it and it's amazing. I actually loved the rainbow 🌈 effect! And the most important it was for free because someone gave me this as a gift 🎁 💥💥💥

  8. I deadass bought 3 glass screen protectors for 5 dollars on Amazon and it had the same quality as a 40$ one I bought from belkin

  9. lol normies, I always install my tempered glass protectors easily on my iPhones

  10. Are you kidding me ? Professionaly Putting on a glass screen protector for like 3 dollars is so easy ain't no one tryna pay 40$ for it … rip off

  11. I always just go with Zagg for like $40 usually. $40 plus a life time warranty replacement if they ever crack at all for like less than $5(shipping cost only and send the old one back). Can't beat that. Couldn't find Zagg's for the X yet though so Spigen had theirs on sale like at least half off. Usually $30-$40 now 2 for like $15(including tax and S&H). Nice fit though on that one. Most don't past the screen anymore. With phones getting smaller  cases need the space to grip the edge more and more.

    Glass ones are anymore mandatory too. I haven't used a phone without a glass one in probably 6 years at least. Plastic ones actually only increase the chance of a screen breaking. As it tightly pressures the glass behind the plastic making it more fragile.

  12. cheaper on ebay. and never had any dust in all my installations. after that i clean the phone well i use the packing tape to cover the screen i pass the credit card to make sure all is good and peel it voila .

  13. It's nice that they do an install in the store for those that are afraid or just aren't as good at putting on screen protectors. But some of us don't have that problem in the pay $40 is a bit pricey but it would help if they provided a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the phone. Just would make it a little bit more appealing even though I'm not a iPhone fan & have never owned one

  14. Hit me up YouTube. All my local friends as me to put on their screen protectors because I put them on perfectly without any dust or bubbles

  15. i go to Zagg to install my screen protectors for everything.Their screen protectors are expensive but you are always free to bring another one (which i do Patchworks). And well….perfect application in less than 60 sec every time lol. Not that time matters so much but its so impressive watching them do it with the bare minimum as opposed needing additional hardware and preparation.

  16. I have done this in the past (twice) with my iPhone 7 plus. The whole idea of having it installed at the Apple Store is cool and nice. But the glass protector itself is crap, It has cracked (there would just be a single or double cracks across) within days of having them installed. The cracks appeared, not because I dropped the phone, this happened randomly, I don’t remember any major bumps. Complaining to Apple, they just say, its better the protector is cracked than the actual screen. Its too expensive and not worth it. I bought 2 screen protectors from eBay, they come with a guide to put the glass on, haven’t cracked it for months now. I would suggest not getting the Belkin screen protector from Apple – its not worth it at all.

  17. Lmao $40 for tempered glass….. u straight trippin
    Its literally not that hard to put on LMAO

  18. It’s not that difficult to install a screen protector. If you have issues with dust then clean your room. If not then install it in your bathroom

  19. They do it so they don't waste screen protectors and not pay more money for the ones that failed

  20. the 2.5D glass edges made the screen protector small.. because on the sides, after the screen part the glass curves (cuz its a 2.5D) and glass wont curve along with the curved edges.. idk about the plastic ones, i guess they made it a bit wider that it should curve along with the glass..

  21. When you mess up on screen protectors just take off and apply masking tape all over the underside and then lift and reapply. The tape lifts the dust off the bottom of the protector.

  22. I once bought a fucking expensive 2m Belkin charging cord at the Apple Store and it broke in less than 2 months.

  23. You must be really bad with your hands if you can't install a bloody glass screen protector… Sorry mate, but people like you believing that "40$" for a screen protector + install is worth it, are either realy bored or with lower cognitive capacity that the rest. Enjoy your screen protector non the less

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