Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 waterproof durability test! Are they water resistant? Water resistance test! Let me know if you wanna see a drop test between these 2!

Recorded with the iPhone 8 Plus at 4K 30fps!

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Gear to make this video:
Sony A6500:…


  1. It's sends the moisture in USB port to warn you to not use a charger so you don't ruin the charger, so you should use a wireless charger when moisture is detected

  2. Samsung is more responsive under water. You really can utilize it's waterproof ability unlike iphone

  3. 98% of these comments is about how unfair he was when ge shook the Samsung more than the IPhone.
    I agree

  4. You were wayyy more aggressive with the note 8 which annoys me quite a bit. Also, you left the iPhone in the water longer than the note 8. not a fair test lmao

  5. This videos dumb asf , if they suppose to stay for a hour . Why do you keep touching them . Retard

  6. Yup my phone is the BEST😎 NOTE 8 even after u treated it like crap thats how us Note 8s are strong🤣😊

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