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  1. I think apple should make a wrist iphone or something, so you could look like buzz light gear or some shit. Lol.

  2. You made this video in November and your questioning where or why the series 2 is or is missing, thumbs down.

  3. I have the series two and love it but I don’t think the series three is worth it as long as I’m near my phone and can answer it on my watch I’m okay . Lol But the iPhone X I want it but don’t really need it . Great Video

  4. i've had the iphone x since the day it came out and i love it. after a while you dont even notice the notch.

  5. At this point in Technology I don’t think any phone is worth $1200. I’m waiting for Apple to make products with longer battery life. That’s something that’s always been important to me. If they can make these products have something crazy like 2 day battery life then they can have my money💸 I’ll be riding my iPhone 6s until it dies in the meantime. It does the job just fine.

  6. Great video, subscribed 🙂 I switch back and forth from Android to iOS constantly, currently rocking an iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3 GPS and enjoying the experience.

  7. Yeah, they're getting rid of the Series 2. Still on sale at Target.

  8. I get that cellular isn’t for everybody but going for runs without your phone at your hip and still being able to receive the occasional phone caller text is priceless to me. Not to mention the add storage for built in music is a plus!

  9. I was pretty blah and on the fence with my X until I tried going back to my Note 8 and my 8plus— It made me truly appreciate the gestures and the one handed use of this size and form factor.
    I do belong to the ‘don’t see the notch anymore’ family. When my phone is in portrait and I’m watching a video the majority of the time action is taking place center screen and the notch is in my peripheral.

  10. I played around with the iPhone X and I think if you are a person who likes to using your phone with only one hand, it’s virtually impossible. I have a series 2 Apple Watch and other than the cellular it’s pretty much the same watch. The BT range between the watch and phone is good as well. I stuck with my 8 and series 2 and I enjoy it just as much

  11. Great, honest review.  I am leaning towards the 8 Plus.  I like a large phone with a large screen.  The X advertises a larger screen, but like you mentioned, the bar at the top is pretty rude and when you adjust the screen to eliminate it, you end up with a smaller view.  That said, it's a nice phone and I am sure those who decide to purchase it will enjoy it.

  12. That scuff is nasty! An Apple Watch was going to be gifted to me but I turned it down because it's not something I need.

  13. I just got the iPhone 8. I did want the iPhone X but they didn’t have it at any of the stores in my area. I’m glad though because right after I got it I was in Best Buy and the associate was explains the differences between the two new phones and said the iPhone X had had some problems with the screen. Something about the light burning on screw or something. He was also explaining the issue about the videos that you were talking about. Then I read sea article yesterday about how the screen is so big you can’t reach the top two rows of apps so it’s hard to use with just one hand. I’m glad they didn’t have it in stock and I got the iPhone 8. I really only wanted the iPhone X for the Animoji feature and it’s a little bigger. I’m not a fan of the plus size phones so I thought the iPhone X would be a medium. Oh and I didn’t think I would like the Face ID and no home button either. I like the Touch ID. Hopefully the. Animoji will become a standard feature on the phones in the future.

  14. I️ still have the AW1 so it’s time for an upgrade! Thanks for your review!

  15. Thanks for your review……you give honest opinions unlike other youtubers that get paid to say nice things about a product

  16. I'm not an Apple fan, but if I were, I'd get an iPhone 8 over the 10. The 10 is way over priced.

  17. Thanks for your review! I think I'll stick with my AW2. lol I hope the button comes back to the iPhone too.

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