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Brian tells us his secrets for scoring an iPhone X on launch day. Bloomberg says Apple reduced the quality of its face recognition system in order to get more iPhones out in time. Plus, Apple is getting sued over the Animoji trademark.

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  1. Best pre-order tip. Don't pre-order. Buy a real phone. Why have a phone with an old Samsung Amoled display when you can get a phone with a new one.

  2. Yep in Australia they are saying that there is more chance of getting an iPhone X just walking into a random store than preordering there is 30 units confirmed PER STORE for JB Hifi in Australia there about about 52 stores in Australia total so that about 1500 units guaranteed on launch day for ONE store not to mention all the Apple stores and carrier store stock as well whcih i don't have number on. no idea how many units are for preorder but Apple hat less than the carriers!! whcih is odd!! they must want more people to go to stores to get the apple iPhone

  3. I liked it better when tong and beach were in the same room. Now there’s a disconnect and it feels weird

  4. I don't see what the big issue was… I was able to get through the system in the first 10 minutes and I was on the web browser. The app was way too slow for me and it froze on me. Glad I had the backup browser.

  5. I actually got through last night and got my iPhone X order confirmed! But I'm regretting paying that much money and am seriously considering cancelling. Ugh!

  6. Got mine pre-ordered! It was really slow at midnight but after like 15 minutes it went thru! (That’s what she said)… the good thing is many people already got the iPhone 8/plus.. and price scared another ton…

  7. I set my alarm at 250 am I am on the east coast. Went into my Verizon App Store and at 255am I got Space gray X!

  8. Ordered 64gb space gray delivers around 13th Nov , missed out on pick up instore for 3rd Nov

  9. I love iOS… true, it is smooth and intuitive…. I hate Android. It feels so clunky and stuttery.

  10. That is disgusting!! Apple are so evil. How could they do that to that guy.
    Like come up with another name already!!!
    Wish I hadnt spent $2000 AUD on an iPhone X now. 🙁
    Boo Apple!!

  11. Who watches Hollywood TV or Movies any more??? Most people watch YouTUBE these days… lol

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