By this point, you probably know that the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever offered – and you might also have heard that it’s the best iPhone the company has ever made. Both of these things are true. The question, then, asks itself: is the best iPhone actually worth a thousand dollars? Come find out in MrMobile’s iPhone X Review, brought to you by Tech21.


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  1. More people I get one iPhone x but no body responsible why I don't because he doesn't give please bro give iPhone x

  2. Hello browse please can you give me one iPhone x you have more money destroy is my hobby

  3. Why is it that when you have an iPhone they consider you rich. This is non sense. Just so you know the top of the line Note 9 is 1299 or so. So thats for the poor? People need to stop this stupid debate where if you dont own a iPhone you are poor. This debate has been going on for years. I've had the iPhone before and switched to the Note series, ever since then never went back. I never knew how much features I gained and how little functions that limits the iPhone.

    Both Android and Apple phones are the same in price point, When the Note 8 came out people said, oh look how its expensive it is, $950 dollars, then I said wait till the iPhone X comes out, it will be the same if not more, after it came out, they priced it at $1000.00, then all the youtubers shut their mouth lol.

    When you buy an Android you get more what you pay for:

    iPhone X = 64GB = $1000.00
    iPhone X = 256GB = $1200.00

    Note 9 = (6GB RAM) 128GB = $1000.00
    Note 9 (8GB RAM) = 512GB = $1299.00

    When you get a Note 9, even at $1200 its worth more than a crappy iPhone X, you get double the storage on the base model for the same price. And if you buy the 512GB model you get double the storage again, and you get more RAM. Apple is nothing but a greedy company that screws people out of their money over and over.

  4. If they made the screen and UI run at 120hz i'd get one. They proved it's possible with the iPad Pro.

  5. Americans: 1000 dollars is too much! I won't pay that! Swedes: sure i can pay the 11500 kr (1330 dollars!!!!)

  6. i really love how you do mention the possibility of a pixel burn since there are many, many others that just praise oled to the sky without…
    it is still a problem and if everyone pretends like it does not exist… they do not have any reason to work at it. so thank you for that and for the great video : D

  7. Great video… not down with this iPhone design though

  8. I returned the iPhone X I went back 8+ and let me tell u what a great decision the iPhone 8 Plus is more polished and the wide screen makes a big difference in my media consumption and battery I noticed is better the camera to me the same and typing is better on the iPhone 8 Plus , also the phone doesn’t heat up like the iPhone X

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