iPhone X vs iPhone SE (Speed Test)

iPhone X vs iPhone SE (Speed Test) In this video we take a look at the latest Apple iPhone X with its A11 processor and 3GB ram and compare it in the speed department against the 2 year old Apple iPhone SE with its A9 processor and 2GB of ram to see if the high end iPhone is much faster than Apples cheapest iPhone. Chime in the comments! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video….


  1. iPhone X vs iPhone SE (Speed Test) Totally forgot to create this video earlier, so finally here is the speed test between the most premium iPhone vs the cheapest iPhone. Let's find out how much faster the new device is over the older device! Enjoy the content 🙂

  2. And u tell me the Iphone X is better? Lol 😂
    Why we need to enter in youtube in 000000000,1 sec!

  3. i wish they make iphone se full touch screen.i like small phone its good for one hand operations and i like the side of the se.

  4. Just sold my iPhone X and bought the SE again. The iPhone X is a great phone, but the SE is just as good plus compact still providing a great smooth experience.

  5. damn ive had the iphone se for so long now e.e glad i stuck with it haha its still running very nice after… what a couple years? only issue i ran out of space for pics cause i got 32g of space instead of more

  6. Gonna spend that extra $900 to open up my apps 1 second quicker… Kinda sad what little progress has been made for the insane markup of the iPhone X.

  7. I would rather have the se bc it's smaller and a headphone jack the x is just bigger and a tiny bit faster and the se runs best on games I own an x and it lagged first time on that game than I got the se no lag and it's a great phone i would rather spend 200 rather than a 900

  8. I am getting an SE since my IPhone 5C died and got disabled forever. I am getting an SE 32gb 2 gigs of ram, Gold.

  9. Watching on iphone SE …. rose gold 32G mom mom ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  10. I'm an android guy who uses an Apple solely because of the size and performance of the SE. If the Android people ever take notice of this and decided to make an equivalent, In my books, Apple would merely be history. Unless of course Apple decided to make an SE-2.

  11. iPhone se is not the cheapest iPhone it’s the 5 that’s cheap and the 4 lire trying to make people feel sad adout their iPhone se

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