iPhone XR Is Not Selling Well

iPhone XR isn’t selling as well as Apple has anticipated it would. Apple expected it would outsell both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max but it’s not happening. They cut the iPhone XR’s production by 20 to 25% which is 100000 fewer units produced daily.

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  1. iphone xr is an iphone minus the "social status" factor. Of course it isn't going to sell well.

  2. In INDIA apple selling its iphone xs max 64 gig in 1500 $ 😳😳 ,
    iphone xs base model in 1400 $
    iphone xr 64 gig in 1100 $

    samsung is selling note 9 128 gig in 900 $ .
    So I bought samsung note 9
    saved 600 $ on mobile + 20 $ for dongle +60 $ for fast charger.
    Total I saved 680 $.
    God Bless apple users 😊

  3. I want all apple iPhones to fail, highly overpriced, just so people can show off

  4. Apple is a joke altogether. Unlike Android, you get several different companies with similar spec devices that somehow manage to have their own unique taste, just to compete for your interest! That's half the reason I love android! Apple on the other hand, just seems to forget that there is competition and pumps out garbage that people still seem to take! My teacher told me a saying once and I feel Apple has maybe taken it as their motto: "Doesn't matter how stupid something is, there's at least a million idiots out there who will buy it."

  5. After iphone x…they come up with iphone Xs with almost everything same but but but with 50000 hike in price and guess what…again people let them raid their pockets

  6. Phones are smart now and so cmpnies too
    But when are the people going to become smart and find alternatives of apple to bring them back on earth from jupitor

  7. The phone itself doesn’t suck. It cleared up the problems the 5C had except the damn price.

  8. Yep absolutely Prices of Apple Product WILL go up next year .
    Yep effectly to make up for continuing fall in unit sales.
    The cover up Apple will lump some its product unit sales as Total Profit. There will be no separation of unit product sales from now on **

  9. When me and my mom first heard of the xr we thought it was better than the xs max till I saw it and read more. I asked for the xr at first, but did some research and thought the xs max would be more worth my moms money, considering the 8 plus is about equally as good or maybe even better for a cheaper price.

  10. The Tom and Jerry clip at the start is amazing…. It just made my day..😂😂😂😂

  11. Lol oneplus is hd, iphone xr is not even hd, while the first iphone was hd, lol.

  12. I’m watching on my iPhone X. And I’m glad they’re failing.

    You just can’t sell the same shit over and over and act like it’s state of the art technology. That iPhone XR was a slap in the face of every one that purchased the first iPhone X and you flip right back around with the same damn design and sell it for cheaper. Screw yall. I hope it sends a clear message.

  13. I went to Verizon today to view & use it. I brought along my Samsung s8+ to compare the display's. This liquid retina display, well I was very disappointed to say the least. I really expected more. I even compared it to the XS & Max. Again there was a big difference. My favorite feature on a phone is the display. The 326ppi on the XR would never cut it for me. But at least I did try it out! Then I kept thinking no dongle & a 5W charger in the box. That is definitely no bargain. Pay more & get less. Apple appears to be milking the donkey from their fans!

  14. Nobody wants less power for more money. Diminishing returns with apple products. And I’m an apple fanboy strictly for iOS and macOS.

  15. It's a bit silly that you can't watch the 4k videos you take with your 10r on your 10r in 4k resolution. I don't even think the average iPhone buyer will bother with the display argument. I think the lack of home button is the killer, which is why the 8 variants will continue to sell well. I'm in Asia at the moment and most people I talk to here don't want the X variants. Most don't even know what the 10r is. Asia is the market to have and the older IPhones are everywhere including the countryside. The phone has lost its mystique. Everyone wants to play with my Note 9 and its stylus.

  16. Apple needs to learn from one plus N huwaei .Ndays consumers r not blind n can easily distinguish the price to performance ratio

  17. In China, the price of iPhone XR 64GB has already dropped from ¥6499 ($934) to ¥5899 ($848) with 12mo interest-free financing within two weeks. Still expensive af for a budget phone though.

  18. Apple is exploiting the sheer stupidity of their loyal flock of sheep to its fullest.

  19. I knew i Will fail. Camera can record more than screen can show? Wtf apple

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