iPhone XR Unboxing & Review Blue Color yes

My iPhone XR blue unlocked from Apple came just in time, so I made a video


  1. Wow, do people still buy iPhones..? You should probebly do some research on the scummy shit company whos selling you that thing.

  2. Go to gym and start working out for 1 year than you will get stronger and skinny

  3. Omg Bob, I’m shocked at you being cool. That iPhone probably cost you the same as a bootlegger value vacation to Hawaii eating breakfast for free at the Expedia 4star hotel, McDonald’s and supermarket luau specials on the beach. Nice 🏖🌴

  4. Hey as a youtuber, can you write that off for tax purposes? If so that is like a free phone right?

  5. Could have given a history of your previous phones. and compared. Like how you compare different chains etc

  6. Awesome, I love the feeling of opening a new phone and just checking everything out. Feeling wears off within a few hours of having a new phone though.

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