iPhone Xs and Xs Max UNBOXING and FIRST LOOK

An EARLY Unboxing and First Impressions of the new Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in Gold. Subscribe for more ►►►

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Shot on a Sony RX100 VI.

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  1. Saw marques brownlee post earlier and automatically knew what was coming! (Still haven't watched his yet😏) gotta stay faithful to my bro!💪🏾🔥

  2. Favourite colour is the silver ,though the gold does look stunning , I look forward to one day being lucky enough to own one of these amazing models👍

  3. I purchases mine xs max 256gb silver and im waiting until tommorow to get it 😍

  4. Hi sir I’m new with your channel I want the iphone xs max I don’t have so much money to buy one good bye

  5. If only I had money I would have bought this ages ago. The only reason I’d buy the iPhone xs Max is cuz of the camera and the big screen. But for now my iPhone 6s Plus is still great.

  6. why tf is EVERYONE reviewing gold i need to see the bloody colours beacuse i need to know what i like ffs

  7. I’m tired for gold color reviews.. and looks ugly uf imo. Show the Xs Max is space gray

  8. Please take a video or photos at night specially in person eye if still have red eye or white eye when using flash at night. This is my issue on iphone x the red eye and white eye when using the flash at night.

  9. ❤️ vid. Just subbed. Why does wallpaper remind me to get my mammogram? Looks like CAD version! I digress😂. ALMOST ready to migrate to "dark side". Primary phone: Note 8 (Motorola OG Droid > everything Samsung forever) but using kid's castoff iP6 just to get AW3 which I'm stupidly upgrading to AW4.

  10. True story – I went hiking, my phone went for a swim. I had to get a new phone. I went a whole week without a phone, and I needed one ASAP. I had a chance to wait another 4 days or get iPhone X. I needed a phone because of work. That gold looks nice 🙁

  11. Good video but can you rid the audio of the metronome sounding click in the background sound?
    Quite annoying to hear over your explanations of the phones color and features.

  12. Same S*** again and again and what justification users are providing is.. Wowwww gold color 😂😂😂😂

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